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How do you find out if you are on chex systems?

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You can use one of these methods to find out if you're listed on ChexSystems:

Non free Chexsystem banks List,Free bad credit gude, Learn how get off chexsystems,Or looking for a pre paid visa card

Don't give up there is a bank out there for you!!!!!


2010-10-15 05:35:19
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Q: How do you find out if you are on chex systems?
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How do you find out if you are in the Chex Systems database?

You are entitled to a FREE annual report from chexsystems. To order your report, go to

If this is the case then will it disappear from chex systems after 5 years?

Entries posted in Chex Systems can stay up to 5 years. After 5 years, the entries will disappear from the record.

What type of services does Check Systems offer?

Chex Systems is a credit reporting agency. Unlike Trans Union and Experian, who report on consumer credit, Chex Systems reports on mishandling of bank accounts.

Are there any banks in Connecticut that are non chex systems banks?

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Why is chex mix better than doritos?

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Does Canada has a chex system?

Yes, Chex Systems is in Canada. It is owned and operated by Fidelity National Information Services. They provide information about deposit accounts.

Can you be put on chex systems during bankruptcy?

The answer is no. Bankruptcy puts the debtor into federal protection and out of jurisdiction of any collection type action against the person. If someone was put into chex systems while in bankruptcy it should be voided.

Can your bank account be closed if you've had the account for 6 months and you've just been reported on the Chex Systems?

If you were reported to Chex systems by one bank, while you have an account at a different bank, the bank you are in good standing with will keep your account open - but you will not be able to open any other accounts. Also, as long as you are on Chex systems, expect to have difficulty paying by check at retailers.

Can banks freeze your account if you are reported to the Chex systems after your account is opened for months?

possible. After my five years with chex systems passed, I opened a checking account and the bank closed it after two months due to my chex systems record. They froze it and then closed it without notice to me. I found out when the ATM card quit working. I then had to get Chex systems to write a letter to them because my record should have been gone after five years, but that did not help me get my account back. Yes, if the account holder resides in a state where the banking laws allow the action without due process of law.

Do you have to have good credit to open a checking account?

no not really, you just don't have to be in Chex Systems

Where can I find more information on chex cereal coupons?

The website Has a coupon for $1 off Chex cereal products. Try combining it with an in store sale for even more savings.

Is comerica bank part of the non chex systems bank?

Comerica Bank DOES use Chexsystems.

Can a person under 18 be reported to chex system?

If a person has an account under age 18, they can be reported to Chex systems if they default. If they are co listed with someone else, both parties will be reported.

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Other credit check companys other than experian?

trans union equifax novus chex systems

What happens to the stuff on Chex system when you file bankruptcy before the 5 years is up?

Generally, nothing happens to the Chex Systems report when you file bankruptcy. In other words, while debts are discharged by the bankruptcy, this doesn't mean banks have to stop telling each other (via Chex Systems or any other bad check reporting service) that you wrote bad checks. Most people I have seen who were in Chex Systems continued to be in Chex Systems even after filing bankruptcy. Please note that nothing in this posting or in any other posting constitutes legal advice; this is simply my understanding of the facts and law, which I do not warrant, and I am not suggesting any course of action or inaction to any person. Speak to a lawyer for specific advice. If you have any questions, please refer to a lawyer in your jurisdiction. Thanks!

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Are there any banks that don't use Telecheck or Chex Systems?

Are there banks that do not use the chexsystem or telecheck in new jersey or philadelphia?

Are there any Non chex systems banks in Chicago?

Yes there is TCF and Fifth Third. I am sure there are others but these are the two that I use.

Can you open another bank account if your business account has a hold on it?

As long as the bank that has the hold hasn't reported you to chex systems.