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You can use one of these methods to find out if you're listed on ChexSystems:

Non free Chexsystem banks List,Free bad credit gude, Learn how get off chexsystems,Or looking for a pre paid visa card

Don't give up there is a bank out there for you!!!!!


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Q: How do you find out if you are on chex systems?
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What type of products does the company Chex Systems provide?

Chex Systems is a eFunds cheque verification service and consumer credit reporting agency. Chex Systems provides data related to how the consumer handled their deposit accounts.

How do you find out if you are in the Chex Systems database?

You are entitled to a FREE annual report from chexsystems. To order your report, go to

If this is the case then will it disappear from chex systems after 5 years?

Entries posted in Chex Systems can stay up to 5 years. After 5 years, the entries will disappear from the record.

What type of services does Check Systems offer?

Chex Systems is a credit reporting agency. Unlike Trans Union and Experian, who report on consumer credit, Chex Systems reports on mishandling of bank accounts.

Are there any banks in Connecticut that are non chex systems banks?

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Why is chex mix better than doritos?

because there is more of a variety in chex mix and sometimes you can find a chex mix with doritos in it

Does Canada has a chex system?

Yes, Chex Systems is in Canada. It is owned and operated by Fidelity National Information Services. They provide information about deposit accounts.

Are there any websites that can help me find chex cereal coupons?

Websites that can help one find Chex cereal coupons includes but is not limited to; and Chex cereal coupons are also available through the General Mills website or the back of the Chex cereal box.

Can you be put on chex systems during bankruptcy?

The answer is no. Bankruptcy puts the debtor into federal protection and out of jurisdiction of any collection type action against the person. If someone was put into chex systems while in bankruptcy it should be voided.

Do you have to have good credit to open a checking account?

no not really, you just don't have to be in Chex Systems

Are there any chex cereal coupons that don't require you to purchase a larger size box?

There are coupons for Chex cereal that do not have a restriction on size. You can find them online on Chex's website or

Can your bank account be closed if you've had the account for 6 months and you've just been reported on the Chex Systems?

If you were reported to Chex systems by one bank, while you have an account at a different bank, the bank you are in good standing with will keep your account open - but you will not be able to open any other accounts. Also, as long as you are on Chex systems, expect to have difficulty paying by check at retailers.

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