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ask the person you bought it off of normally buying a used ATV is risky a person will never really know how hard it has been ridden or the damages that have been done

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Q: How do you find out the history of your Yamaha Blaster?
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How do you find the VIN on your Yamaha Blaster?

The vin# is on the lower main frame by the left foot peg of a Yamaha blaster

Does a Yamaha blaster have reverse?

Yamaha blaster does not have reverse

Who fast is a 2009 Yamaha blaster?

The 2009 Yamaha Blaster doesn't exist. Yamaha discontinued the blaster in 2007

Does a Yamaha blaster have a battery?

No a Yamaha Blaster doesn't have a battery.

VIN location on a Yamaha blaster?

where do i locate the vid on a yamaha blaster

Yamaha yz85 vs Yamaha blaster who would win?

the blaster

200 Yamaha blaster vs Yamaha raptor 350?


How fast is a Yamaha Blaster?

a Yamaha blaster can go around 75-80

Can a Yamaha blaster beat a Yamaha warrior?

YES. The blaster is alot faster

When was Yamaha Wave Blaster created?

Yamaha Wave Blaster was created in 1993.

Is there a Yamaha blaster 250?

No there isn't a Yamaha blaster 250cc theres only 200cc

Yamaha blaster sev troubleshooting problems?

My Yamaha Blaster stalls when I engage the throttle, what should I do?

What is the head bolt torque for a 1998 Yamaha blaster?

20 foot pounds for the head of a Yamaha blaster

How much compression should a Yamaha blaster have?

A yamaha blaster should have at least 120psi 150 is recommended

Where can i find a wiring diagram for 1994 Yamaha blaster?

The wiring diagrams help make sure everything is wired correctly. The wiring diagram for a 1994 Yamaha Blaster can be found in the maintenance manual.

Dose a 1994 Yamaha blaster engine fit on a 2000 Yamaha blaster?

yes all blaster frames are the same so the engine just bolts right in

What kind of oil do you use for a 1989 Yamaha blaster 250?

i have a 2002 Yamaha blaster and i use castrol 10w-30

How do you replace a clutch on a Yamaha blaster step by step?

Buy a yamaha blaster manual. Shows you step by step picture by picture.

How is the carburetor to be adjusted on a 1997 Yamaha blaster?

i need to know what the factory setting is for the fuel air mixture on a 1995 Yamaha blaster.

Can I use a 2006 rear axle to a Yamaha blaster to replace my 1996 Yamaha blaster's rear axle?

As long as its Not a yz model blaster.

Is a Yamaha Blaster faster than a Yamaha warrior?

no warriors are twice as fast

Will a Yamaha blaster cylinder bolt on a Yamaha mx175 bottom end?


Which is faster. A Yamaha blaster 200 or a Yamaha banshee?

The banshee is faster

How fast does a Yamaha blaster?

50 mph

Is Yamaha blaster a 2 stroke?