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take it to the dmv. or get in touch with your secretary of state. I think the laws vary depending on where you are, but in many places you have to be in a position of certain authority in order to get that information from the DMV.

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Q: How do you find out the owner of car if you have the license plate?
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Is there a way to find out information about a car from the license plate?

yes you could find the owner, brand and amny more details

Do police know if your car is registered to an unliscensed driver?

They can find that info out by running the plate number and then, when the owner i sdisplayed, running the name of the owner. The owner of a vehicle does not have to have a license.

Can you find the owner of a car by the license plate of a car?

This information is usually accessible to the public via their national car authority service. In the UK, that would be the DVLA.

Can you find the owner of a car plate in Korea?


Can you find an the owner of a car that was left behind with the license plate number?

Yes you can. Call the tag agency and give them the tag number on the car. They can tell you who the car is registered to and what address it is registered to.

If you have an stalker how can you find out who the vehicle owner is?

by looking at the car license

Where can one find a license plate number?

License plate numbers are found on license plates. License plates are commonly found on the front and back fenders of a car. They can be found on the trunk of certain car models as well.

Can you transfer your license plates off one car to another in Illinois?

You can transfer your license plates from one car to another, in the state of Illinois. You must be the owner of the vehicle the license plate is being transferred to.

If you sell your car and want to keep your tags for future car what do you do?

You can keep your license plate, when you sell the car. The license plate is attached to your name. When you purchase another card you can use the license plate.

How do I find the owner of a car left on my property with no license plate in Calif?

Write down the VIN # located on the driver's side, on dash, next to windshield. Call the DMV with the VIN.

How can you find the address of a car with the license plate?

Check with your local driver licensing office

Where can one find a cheap license plate frame?

One can find cheap license plate frames by visiting local and nearby autoshops. Any store that sells car parts will be able to provide a license plate frame. Also try looking in sears.

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