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look in your owners manual

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Q: How do you find out what size motor you have on your pocketbike?
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Do you need a motorcycle license for 110cc pocketbike?

Your first question should be: "Is a 110cc pocketbike a legal motor vehicle in MY country?" Where I live such a device can only be ridden on private property, and NOT on public roads.

Where can you find fairings for a x7 pocketbike?

I have seen alot of that stuff on Kijiji.

Where can you find a 110cc Pocketbike engine for sale?

Try this site:*

Is it legal to ride mini bikes on the sidewalk?

can i ride a pocketbike on a sidewalk legallyAnswercan i ride a pocketbike on a sidewalk legally

what size motor ?

what size motor

How do you find year and size of car motor by number?


What are the ratings and certificates for Pocketbike Racer - 2006 VG?

Pocketbike Racer - 2006 VG is rated/received certificates of: USA:E

How fast does a 43cc pocketbike go?

The engine size is NOT related to the speed. Speed depends on the make and type of engine, it's gearing, and on how well it is tuned

How old do you have to be to ride a pocketbike?


Where would you find a diagram of a motor so you can find all the parts?

What motor? The term motor usually refers to an electric motor. The term engine usually refers to an internal compustion engine. Please restate your question with the model and size motor or engine you are referring to.

How do you shift on a pocketbike?

you go to lockerz and there would be a whole bunch of stuff for free you just need to put your address so they can send you the iPod or other stuff you want to go to search you type in pocketbike and you crack the web site and you get a ticket and you go to the store and they give you a pocketbike.

What is the required size of cable for 168 kilowatt 3 phase induction motor?

First of all find out what voltage the motor is designed to work on.

How fast can a pocketbike go in the grass?

it can go -90

How do you get a pocketbike at gta San Andreas?

i am not shure what a poketbike is....

How do you find out what size motor is in your 1963 dune buggy?

Try to find the ID number stamped into the block. Then contact a VW dealership.

Can you drive a 110cc pocketbike on country roads?

sure you can, but not legally

How big is a pocketbike?

40¡± x 14¡± x 22.5¡±

Can you be 12 years old on a pocketbike?

yes if they can ride a bike

Where can you find a pocketbike? the cheapest is like 180.00 dollars and is a 49 cc and goes up to 30 and can hold up to 275 pounds in weight

What size of wire for 25kw 3phase motor?

what is the size of wire has to use for 25kw 3phase motor

How do you tell what size motor in Ford F-250?

what is the size of motor of Fordf250 1996

Where is the size on motor in the vin?

what size motor do i have 250ex or 300ex vin number is te19e-2015145

what year is this motor, and what size is it ?

does anyone no the size,and year of this motor... here is thr serial # K0131fcucf1157374

Where can you search ford motor serial numbers?

I have a generator that has a ford engine in it i want to find out what size of engine it is

What is frame size of flange mounted electric motor?

Depends on the motor size and the face type...of course.