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How do you find out what the tool bar icons mean?

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Toolbar icon means that the icon in which the toolbar appears. It can be easily seen at the top right corner.

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What are tool bar icons?

Tool bar icons are the various icons (small pictorial representations) that have a certain function and are located on the tool bar. The tool bar is usually located under the menu bar. It contains various icons, that perform certain functions depending on the application being referred. These icons provide a pictorial representation of the function that is intended to be performed on clicking them. for example : the 'back', 'forward' and 'home' icons in any commonly used web browser.

How do you do penguin icons?

on your little tool bar in clubpenguin there is a menu for icons that you can pick from

How do you remove ikons from the tool bar on an iMac?

It's iCons. i don't have the clue

How can you open MSN Messenger?

Well there should be a tool bar at the bottom right hand corner with different icons and msn should be there but if there is not go on to start and all programs you will find it there :)

What is quick access bar?

The quick access tool bar in Word displays a small or specific selection of commonly used commands in Word. This tool bar can be customized to the user's preference for icons or commands that they commonly use on a daily basis.

Where do you find tools in Internet Explorer?

on the tool bar

How do you reinstate your task bar and icons please they have vanished?

You can recover your task bar and icons by by restoring a Windows' System Restore Point

Standard tool bar?

its the tool bar at the top of the page.

Meaning of standard toolbar?

A standard toolbar is the bar that has the icons on the computer screen. It is below the menu bar with the icons for things including print, save, and home.

What are the different commands under the Menu Bar and Standard Toolbar?

tool bar on the top of screen and menu bar the mean part of commands.

How do you put all your Firefox tool bars into one?

By default, all toolbar icons should be on the same level. You can if you want the boockmark bar to be in the toolbar, you can right-click the toolbar, click "customize", and then drag the bookmark bar into the toolbar.

How do you get your tool bar back on a mac laptop?

right click. show tool bar

How do you make the icons bigger on the Safari task bar?


Why is there no icon in the notification bar?

Click the arrow where the icons normally are and you will see them there and if you click customize you can get them back on the bar.

How do you make the tool bar at the bottom of the page smaller?

tool bar on the bottom how do I make bigger

Name any two important toolbars?

Formatting tool bar font tool bar

Common features of graphics packages?

menu bar tool bar printable area

How do you delete tool bars you dont want?

You right-click on the tool bar and select "Hide tool bar" or similar option.

How do you fix your address bar it keeps moving up?

right click at the top of the tool bar. and click lock tool bar

Where can you find free Alexanra hallelujah piano music?

there is this site called piano and then there is a tool bar or search bar and you type in her name

Where can you find fling candy bar?

mean rare or rage candy bar?

What is below the menu bar in a window?

the tool bar

How do you remove icons from menu bar?

Select View then Toolbars from drop down and the remove the Favorites Bar menu

How do you add icons to the task bar in Windows 7?

just right click and press add to task-bar

How do you translate on a PowerPoint?

click the translate button on the tool bar oviasly open the tool tab bar first