How do you find poems about World War 2?

Type 'World War 2 poetry' (or WW2 poetry) into any Internet search engine, or consult your local library. Librarians are usually most helpful. You could also read the following answer from ''Chappie''... As the official archivist/historian for the veterans of the Royal Navy's LST and Landing Craf Association I have written numerous poems dedicated to the men of D-Day in Normandy, the poems are encapsulated under the title AT DAWNING. Since writing them, in whole or part, my words have been reproduced world-wide, if anyone reading this would like me to e:mail them a copy I would be happy to oblige. The main poem AT DAWNING is a history of D-Day in verse, listing the troops and the beaches to which they were assigned together with the landing craft squadrons that were present in support.