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You should call one of the auto glass (windsheild) replacement centers or call a local glass shop. they should be able to replace just the broken mirror for about $20.00. let me know if this helped.

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โˆ™ 2007-09-20 04:32:46
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Q: How do you find replacement side mirror glass only for a 1988 Honda Civic 4 dr sedan 5 spd without buying the whole mirror assembly?
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2002 Chevy Avalanche 1500 sideview mirror assembly is broken and loose Can you repair it yourself or does it have to be replaced?

If the glass is broken, They make a replacement glass you can by at NAPA it glues in. If the plastic mirror assembly is broken, Then go to junk yard or GM dealer and by a new one. Replace whole assembly.

Where can you find a replacement mirror for your magnifying makeup mirror?

Sears has an 8" replacement 5x magnification mirror on their web site

How do you start a fire without buying stuff?

It can be done with a bow and a stick or a mirror or magnifying lens

How do you change out the side mirror assembly?

how to replace passengerside outside mirror

Where can you find replacement parts for the Floxite 15X magnifying mirror specifically looking for the round mirror?

My Floxite 15X magnifying mirror is broke and I need to know were and how much a replacement would be for just the mirror?

How can I replace the mirror glass for the passenger side mirror on a 2004 Ford Freestar?

Hi It depends on what exactly is damaged If it is only the glass is damaged just the glass can be replaced. We offer a replacement convex passenger mirror glass for $24.99 with free shipping on our site If the backing plate is damaged as well you need to buy a replacement mirror assembly which can be purchased from a salvage yard or your Ford dealer. Thanks Jack

How do you replace a side mirror on a car?

The mirror replacement job will be different from car to car. Do you need only the GLASS itself replaced, or the entire assembly? If the former, there are services here on the Internet where you can order a glass-only part for almost every mirror made. I have recently replaced a mirror each in our family Subaru and our Infiniti G20 sedan. Less than $25 each for the part. If you need to replace the whole assembly, it is often necessary to remove at least part of the interior door trim and undo electrical connections (such as power mirror or heated mirror controls). The mechanical aspects of taking off and replacing the mirror are usually simple, once you have access to the three or four mounting bolts. Hint: cruise Ebay for a mirror assembly replacement if you have time. The differences in cost between Ebay offers and dealer prices are large.

How do you get a replacement bulb for the Rialto 8X cosmetic mirror?

I saw replacement bulbs for the Rialto 8X cosmetic mirror at Bed Bath & Beyond.

How do you remove passenger mirror savana?

Passenger mirror access is same as drivers side. Three screws accessible inside door panel to remove entire mirror assembly. To remove mirror within the mirror assembly it just pulls off - snap fit of mirror mount to drive.

Where to find replacement bulbs for Conair Makeup Mirror?

I bought replacement bulbs from a local large hardware store - they aren't sold as mirror bulbs, but as oven bulbs and they work fine in my Conair mirror.

Is it possible to replace just the mirror on the side mirror assembly of a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix or does the entire assembly need to be replaced?

Try a glass shop

Can you replace just the mirror in the side mirror assembly on a 2001 Chrysler TC Limited?


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