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Buy or go to any gunshop and look the gun up in the Blue Book of Gun Values and you will be close. I would think you gun would have been made in Japan,Italy,Spain or Turkey.

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What is the value of browning superimposed shotgun 12 gauge lightning ventilated rib 26 barrel?

Whatever someone will pay for it.

If the driver says someone gets shotgun then do they get it?

ShotgunIf a driver says someone gets shotgun, he/she means that they get the front passenger seat.

What is a verb for appraisal?

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Can you assist in providing a value or appraisal for a fabrique nationale d'armes unies side by side 28 ga shotgun?

The value will depend on the exact model, features, and condition - information not provided and impossible to adequately describe. The shotgun must be appraised in person by someone who is familiar with guns and, preferrably a collector of FN shotguns. I suggest that you contact a local gunsmith or , by going through the local gun shops, locate a shotgun collector who is willing to appraise it.

Can a sawed off shotgun kill someone?

yes, if a shotgun can kill someone, then a sawed one can too because they are more deadly

What is the value of 1881 rogers tea set stamped 5016?

Antiques are worth what someone is willing to pay for. Get someone to appraise it.

What is a double barrel 12 gauge Ithaca gun company serial 391823 value?

With the serial number that you provided,your Ithaca double barrel shotgun is a Flues Model shotgun that was produced in the year 1925.As to the value,that would be difficult to determine with Ithaca making many different Grades of the Flues model shotgun,along with many different special order features that could be ordered.I would have someone that is experienced with double barrel shotguns appraise your firearm.

What is a 1995 Chevy 21ft Coachman RV worth?

What you're trying to appraise is a niche product, and, as such, you need to have someone in that specific field appraise it for you. Overall value will be dependent on mileage, overall condition, what features and options it has, and will also be swayed by demand.

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I have no idea what you mean. Every Remington shotgun ever made was designated as a shotgun, and had a model name or number. If you clarify your question, maybe someone can help.

Should you try to get back with your ex if they left you for someone else?

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Are there people that collect shotgun shells?

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Where can antique books for sale be appraised prior to sale?

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What is the Winchester model 70 featherweight 243 worth?

pre or post 64 will effect value, also condition. from a few hundred to a few thousand. Should have someone appraise it.

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