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Super Power Island, like all islands on Poptropica, is accessed from the Island Map. If you are new to Poptropica, this is the first view you will see. If you are on another island, go to Main Street and locate the Poptropica blimp, from which you can select "travel" to reach any other island.

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Can you get a super power?

You can get a super-power on Poptropica, by going to the super-power island. If you go to the Super-power island and beat the island, you will be granted a super power- Flying. But, sadly, you can only use this super-power of flying on the super-power island.

How do you find villains on poptropica in super power island?

You have to be a super hero and find the old super hero talk to him.

What is the next island in Poptropica after super power?

The island after Super Power Island was Spy Island.

On super power island can you have super strength?

No, there is no "super strength" on super power island glad to help :D

Where is the subway on Super Power island?

The subway is Downtown on Super Power Island.

Are there cheats for super power island popatropica?

There are no cheats in super power Island.

Where is the junkyard on Super power island?

Go as far as you can to your right in Super Power Island.

How many quests are there on super power island?

There are 6 villains to defeat on Super Power Island.

Is there a walk through for super power island on you tube?

Yes, that is how I completed super power island!

How do you get the force shield on super power island?

The force shield is not an item on Super Power Island

Where do you find a jetpack on super power island?

There is no jetpack on Super Power Island, as there is on Early Poptropica. The ability to fly is an actual "super power" on the island, and is only acquired by defeating the first five super villains (Copycat, Speeding Spike, Sir Rebral, Ratman, and Crusher), using your wits only. The pay phone will then ring and give you flying power, which you need to catch Betty Jetty. (Super Flying Power works only on this island, but comes in handy on the various ad games, when they are accessed from Super Power Island.)

Where is the costune shop poptropica?

in super power island go right then you will find the shop

What do you do in super power island Poptropica?

in super power island in poptropica you get to defeat 6 villains that escaped from jail!

How can some people go to super power island if it isn't open in poptropica?

Super Power Island is not out yet. And no one has been on the island yet. You just have to wait. And i don't think Super Power Island is gonna come out anyway!

Which phone will ring on Super Power Island?

When you have defeated the first 5 super villains on Super Power Island, you get the power to fly. Answer the ringing pay phone on Main Street.

Why cant you cross the policen in super power island?

you have to go to the police station on the left when you enter super power island

How do you fly in poptripica?

Well you will have to defeat Super Power Island to fly, But you can only fly in Super Power Island, not in Poptropica.

How do you become invisible on super power island?

There is no invisibility effect as part of Super Power Island. It is part of Spy Island. (see related question)

Where is the time capsule in super power island on poptropica?

There isn't any time capsule in super power island, only in Big nate island

Where is Ned Noodlehead on super power island?

You will find him in his comic book shop on Super Power Island. After he "helps" you catch Betty Jetty, the authorities erroneously give him the Island Medallion. Go to the store and you can trade him a hot dog for it.At the comic store.

How do you discover your super power?

You don't discover your super power... You have to go to the island left after you get your super power card they give you your power handcuffs.

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