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Key-less Entry CodeI have a 2001 mercury sable, so I don't know if its exactly the same.But, if your referring to getting the key-less entry code. You can try taking the fuse box out. It should be on the left hand side of the brake pedal. First, remove the fuse box cover. Then, there should be two bolts on each side of the box. After removing the bolts on each side of the box with pliers. Pull the box out enough to see the sticker behind it. Behind the fuse box there's a white sticker that has a five digit code on it. I finally found mine today, after 9 months of looking for a dumb computer module. Lol
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โˆ™ 2009-12-12 20:40:37
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Q: How do you find the computer module on a 1996 Mercury Sable?
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