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How do you find the leak in the cooling system of a 2002 Lincoln Town Car?


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you will have to go to a certified ac shop and just ask them to shoot dye in your ac system . that should pin point the problem. it is ussually free.

One posiibnility: Most '96 and newer 4.6 engines have plastic intake manifolds. These have become notorious for developing cracks around the water passage area in the front of the manifold. So far Ford has ONLY issued a recall for Police Cars, Limo's and other government owned vehicles - the poor "normal" owners have to shell out big bucks to correct their mistake. This _MAY_ change this fall if the class action suite prevails.

Second possibility: The heater return hose gos from the heater assembly on the fire wall into a thin pipe under the intake manifold. After a while, either the pipe will devlope a leak -or- the rubber hose connection at the back of the water pump area on the block will rot and leak. One solution is to replace the thin tube with copper water pipe, and the rubber connection hose with industrial grade hose. Use high quality hose clamps to connect everything together. If you don't want to lift the intake manifold to accomplish this repair, you can use solid brass fittings to make the correct angles to bring the line out in FRONT of the intake manifold, then a straight piece of copper tubing to connect to the heater outlet.

Take the car to a radiator shop and ask them to pressure test the cooling system, this test is normally free.


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According to the 1999 Lincoln Town Car Owner Guide : The engine cooling system capacity is ( 15.8 U.S. quarts ) * it came from the factory with a 50 / 50 mix of distilled water and GREEN colored antifreeze ( meeting Ford specification ESE-M97B44-A ) in the engine cooling system

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The 2002 Chrysler Town and Country minivan has a cooling system anti-freeze capacity of five gallons. You can mix the anti-freeze and water at a 50-50 ratio.

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