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How do you find the manufacturer of a Revelation firearm?

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Start by finding the model number on the gun, then look in the back of the Blue Book of Gun Values for the Store Brand Cross-over List. This list is also available on several websites. Revelation firearms are listed under Western Auto.

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Where and how can you find out the age manufacturer and origin of your 7x57 firearm?

Get a book on the manufacturer and hope that sn data has been published.

Where can you find a magazine for R107a revelation firearm?

Local gun shops who have a large inventory ofÊammo andÊwill carry a magazine for a R107A Revelation Firearm. Local pawn shops are also a good place to look.

How to properly ship a firearm back to the manufacturer?

Contact the manufacturer.

Where can you find parts and information on Revelation 22 bolt action rifles?

Revelation was a trade name marketed by Western Auto. If you have a model number, I may be able to cross-reference it to the manufacturer.

Who is the oldest gun manufacturer in the world?

Beretta is the oldest firearm manufacturer that is still in business. They began in 1498.

Who makes the revelation M200 30-30?

This weapon was made by Marlin for Western Auto. If you go to you can find out even more about this wonderful firearm.

Where can you send a Charles Daly firearm for service under warrantee?

A gunsmith or the manufacturer of the gun. Most dealers will refer firearm problems to the manufacturer or the gunsmith. Depending on the brand of your gun, some manufacturers will offer a lifetime warranty

How do you find out how old a gun is?

If you are talking about a major maker of firearms?Then there are 2 ways to find the age of your firearm.First you may go to the manufacturer of your firearm and look at their customer service site and they may help you age your firearm,or second you may get the age of your firearm here by including the make,and serial number of your gun,any special features if applicable.We should be able to help you.

How do you identify gun manufacturer by serial number and caliber an d model?

The manufacturer is normally stamped on the firearm next to the model, caliber, and serial number.

What is the value of a revelation model 115 and when was it made?

If your revelation is a bolt action, tube fed .22, it is probably a Savage Model 46. Savage is a good quality moderate cost firearm- and any firearm with a "store brand", such as Revelation, JC Higgins, or Westernfield typically commands less money than the company marked firearms. Depending on condition, $50-$80.

How can you determine the manufacturer if you only have the serial number of a firearm?

You are out of luck. Firearm serial numbers are not unique like automible VINs. Most manufacturers start with 1 for each model and increment. Some incorporate a date code in the number, but it still may not be unique to that manufacturer or model.

In which Bible you find the word wormwood is it roman or Jude or revelation?


How can you find the history behind a firearm?

Contact the maker, read all the books you can find, provide a detailed description of the firearm.

Do inland make firearm?

You need to be more specific so your question can be answered. Is inland the name of fire arm manufacturer?

How do you find a manufacturer by their MFR code?

The best way to find the manufacturer is to visit the store that the appliance was purchased from and give them the manufacturer code of the appliance. They should be able to provide contact information for the manufacturer.

What gun has serial number 164667?

There are probably several guns with that serial number. Serial numbers are not unique to one single firearm - they often aren't even unique to one firearm from the same manufacturer. We'd need a lot more information to determine what type of firearm it is.

Who was the manufacturer of the Western Auto Revelation model 207 30-30 rifle?

Marlin made the 336 for Western Auto Revelation 103.450 & .451. mossberg also made their model 472 lever gun for Western Auto Revelation 205.

What is the age and value of a Revelation 101 firearm?

See: this may help you. It appears to be a Savage 73.

Where to find gun serial numbers?

you will find it on the barrel or action of the firearm

How do I find out the mfg firearm with no markings?

It is rare to find a modern firearm (last 50 years or so) that has NO markings at all. It is possible that those markings may have been removed from a modern firearm. Without some additional information, such as the type of firearm, we do not have enough information to offer a real answer.

What does S and W mean after 40 caliber?

Smith and Wesson. It's the manufacturer who developed the caliber, a frequent practice in the firearm industry.

What gun has the serial number 212314?

There isn't enough information to answer this question. Serial numbers are not unique to one firearm - they may not even be unique to one firearm from a single manufacturer. Several guns could have that serial number.

How can you find who manufactured a Richard firearm?

Professional appraisal

How do you find the year an Ithaca firearm was made?


How olda gun is seril number 15304060?

You would need to specify the manufacturer and model of the firearm before the serial number becomes relevant.

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