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Revelation was a trade name marketed by Western Auto. If you have a model number, I may be able to cross-reference it to the manufacturer.

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Q: Where can you find parts and information on Revelation 22 bolt action rifles?
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Where can you get information about a Western Auto Supply Co Revelation 310C 20 gauge shotgun?

You can get parts and information at the following web site: The Revelation 310C is the same as the Mossberg 500C.

Who made the Revelation model R220B long rifle from western auto supplay CO?

Revelation was the Western Auto Supply Company store brand for their rifles, shotguns, and revolvers. The Model 220B was made by Mossberg and is the same as the Mossberg 800. This is a short-action center fire bolt action rifle with a unique bolt containing 6 locking lugs in two spirals. The rifle was available in .308 Winchester, .243 Winchester, and .22-250. Under the Revelation brand, the rifle was available in standard hunting configurations. The stock was hardwood, often Walnut, with impressed checkering unique to Revelation rifles. This checkering contained an plain oval in both the forend and the pistol grip area. All parts available for the Mossberg 800 standard sporter models will fit the Revelation 220 (including the Mannlicher stock).

Where would you find a parts breakdown for savage 3030 pump action rifle I think it is model 170 thank you?

Rock river arms?

Make AR15 parts and rifles

Who made the Revelation model 205 lever action 30-30 sold by Western Auto?

Made by Mossberg as their model 472PCA. Some parts are available from gunpartscorp if you need them.

Where can you find firing mechanism parts for a Cotter and Company Westpoint model 22 single shot bolt action rifle?

Check with a gunsmith. They may have access to parts for obsolete rifles thru their trade sources (which do not make retail sales).

Where can you purchace replacement parts for 22 long rifles?

Which make & model??

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Where can i find a firing pin for a 1906 pump action 22 caliber rifle Winchester?

Try "Numrich Arms" they have a lot of used parts for vintage rifles. You can find them and their inventory on line or by phone.

Where can you find a break down of parts for a black knight 54 cal?

Give the knight rifles website a try,, they answer questions about there rifles and carry the full line of parts and supplies for there guns, and you can download manuals, parts lists etc..

Where can you find parts for Revelation model 120 rifle?

Numrich Arms is a good source for gun parts.

Where can you find information about a 30-30 Western Field Model 712 bolt action rifle?

Numrich gun parts

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