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Clean the motor well. Start the truck and turn the steering wheel back and forth hard multiple times while checking to see if it leaks. These trucks have a bad rap for leaking from the seal right behind the pulley. If it is lower than that inspect your rack and pinion steering if it is 2000 or above.

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Q: How do you find the power steering leak in your dodge Dakota sport?
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1998 Dodge Dakota sport fuse box?

The fuse box on the Dodge Dakota Sport (1998 model) is to the left of the steering wheel and is accessible only when the drivers side door is open.

What type of power steering fluid should be used in a 1998 dodge caravan sport?

Regular power steering fluid.

Where can I get a 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport Owners Manual?

Where can I get a free copy of a 1995 Dodge Dakota Sport Owners Manual

What is power steering fluid capacity on a 2001 dodge grand caravan sport?

1.2 liters

Your 1990 dodge Dakota sport has new power steering pump and pinion and you still have Armstrong steering?

Most likely cause is that the intermediate steering shaft has a bad Joint(s). Replace the steering shaft and you'll be good to go. This shaft is connected to the steering gear box on one end and the steering colum at the other.

Does a 1994 Dodge Dakota sport have a computer?


How do you seperate steering shaft rackpinion 1992 dodge dakota 2-wd sport?

You have to get a punch and a hammer and drive out the roll pin from the clevis on the shaft of the imput steering gear and then tap it off with a hammer

Does a 2001 Dodge Dakota sport have a timing chain?


Where is the inertia switch on a 1999 Dodge Dakota sport?

A 1999 Dodge Dakota does not have an inertia switch. The fuel system is computer controlled with relays.

What is the size of gas tank in 1998 Dodge Dakota Sport with sport package?

18 gal

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1999 Dodge Dakota sport 5.2l fuel?

87 octane

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In the oil pan

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Type ofmotor in a 1992 dodge Dakota sport?

3.9L v6

Is a 98 dodge Dakota sport a non interference engine?


Is the 2002 dodge Dakota sport 3.9 engine an interference motor?


Does a 2001 dodge Dakota sport pickup have a timing chain?

Yes it does.

How much power does a Dodge Dakota sport 4.7 liter v8 have?

Rated at 230hp. The HO version that came out in 2002 was rated at 265hp.

Location of the inertia switch on a 1996 Dodge Dakota sport?

Dodge doesn't use inertia switches.

Where can you buy a reverse light switch that is in the transmission for a 1993 Dodge Dakota Sport Pickup?

Dodge dealerDodge dealer

Size of fule tank on 1997 dodge Dakota sport?

22 gal

What is the fuel capacity for 1998 dodge Dakota sport with v6?

15 gallons.

How many ignition coil are on a dodge Dakota sport 4 cylinder?