How do you find the turbo on a 1992 eagle talon?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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Notice where the exhaust manifold is. Now look down and you can see your turbo. If it's not there then you don't have one.

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Q: How do you find the turbo on a 1992 eagle talon?
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Where can you find a throttle body for my 1992 Eagle Talon? should have it.

How much boost does a stock Eagle Talon turbo get?

I believe it is in the ball park of 14 to 15 psi of boost. That is what my turbo talon run. Edit: A stock 1g DSM (Talon eclipse laser) has it set at 9-12 PSI. while the stock gauge says 14 sometimes it should not be trusted. get a aftermarket boost gauge and find out yourself

How to change a serpentine belt in 1992 eagle talon non turbo fwd?

Near one of the top pulleys is a spring loaded tensioner; find it and insert a ratchet on it and pry it back to release tension. Pay attention to how the belt runs so you can remember how it goes around the pulleys.

Where do you find the camshaft sensor on 95 eagle talon tsi awd turbo engine?

look at the valve cover on the left side u will see two wires going to a sensor that's where it is

Where can you find a stereo wiring harness for a '92 eagle talon?


Where to find fuel reset switch on 89 eagle talon?

It does not have an inertia/reset switch.

Eagle talon flash codes numeric flashes need to find what they mean?

Im really going to need a year on that Talon in order to help you out.

Fuse layout for a 1994 Eagle talon tsi?

An auto parts store will have a fuse layout for a 1994 Eagle Talon TSI. You may also be able to find books at your local library with a fuse layout for the car.

Where can i find A Radio wiring diagram 1995 eagle talon?

In the Haynes Repair Manual, book number 68031 for 1995-2001 Mitsubishi Eclipse and Eagle Talon. Look in Chapter 12 page 39, wiring diagrams 1 and 2.

Where can I find a Brass Eagle twin turbo paintball set?

Here, in the related links.

What turbo motors can fit into a base model 1997 eagle talon?

You can try using a japan based engine - SR20det line of engines. These fit into almost anything you can think off. just find a tsi you'll spend more money doin the swap then you could actually find the car for

Where can a person purchase a used Eagle Talon?

A person can purchase a used eagle talon at most used car dealers that you can find by searching for a used car dealership around a town or city. The person may want to search multiple areas for the best deal.