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The value of any coin depends on its condition, primarily, as well as its rarity and various other factors. In the case of the 1943 steel cent, rarity isn't an issue; these coins that seem unusual today are actually quite common. A rough estimate would be that each coin is worth about a dollar to a collector; whether you could actually get a dollar each, or $850 for the lot, depends on your determination & patience, and whether someone would actually want that many steel cents in one batch. Realistically, unless your coins are nice uncirculated ones (and not replated) you will never live long enough to get $1 apiece for your coins from collectors -- more likely 5 to 10 cents apiece in circulated condition. There were over a billion of these steel cents minted, so they are relatively common -- easy to find at any coin show.

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What is the value of a 1939 steel wheat penny?

Check the date again and it should say 1943. This was the only year steel pennies were made. Ask how much a 1943 steel penny is worth and you should find the answer. If an answer doesn't come up there should be on in the related questions section.

Where can you find information on 1943 zinc-coated steel pennies?

There were over a billion pennies minted in 1943 out of steel coated with zinc. In circulated condition, they'er worth about 5 cents. What you are probably confusing this with is the rare 1943 COPPER penny. A few dozen of these were accidently made in 1943 from old copper blanks. These sell for tens of thousands of dollars. They are also highly counterfeited -- usually by copper plating a steel 1943 cent -- check with a magnet to eliminate 99% of the fakes (a real one will not stick to a magnet).

What is the value of an uncirculated 1943-P steel penny with a clearly doubled date?

According to my "book", there was no double dies that year. The only error was some pennies that year were struck on bronze instead of steel. My advice would be for you to find a dealer and have them check the authenticity of the coin.

Are there any 1943 copper pennies still out there?

yes I have 1 1943 copper pennies, but if you find one make sure it is not a 1948 with the 8 cut down and yes its a copper pennies

1943 steel nickel no mint mark picture?

The 1943 Lincoln cent was made of steel, not the nickel. Do a Google search to find the picture you want.

Who has a picture of a 1943 copper penny?

It looks like any other penny...with the exception of a small handful, all 1943 pennies were steel. If you think you have one, go to and find a American Numismatic Association coin dealer in your area to verify it. If it is one, it can be worth more than $100,000. Beware of counterfeits.

What is the value of a 1943 silver penny misprint?

Not silver and not a "misprint"* Assuming you are referring to a US penny with Abraham Lincoln on it, all 1943 pennies have a somewhat silvery appearance because they were made of steel with a zinc coating. Steel was used to save copper for the war effort. Any that you find in average condition are probably worth no more than about 25 cents. In exceptional condition they can be worth anywhere from a dollar to a couple of hundred, however. Now if you had a genuine 1943 penny made of copper (of which a handful are known), then you'd have something of great value - thousand of dollars. (*) Please note that coins are not printed, they're struck. "Printing" refers to paper and ink, e.g. dollar bills.

How many steel war pennies were made?

You can find mintage figures for "wheatie" cents at a site such as the one linked below

How much is a 1943 silver wheat penny worth?

1943 pennies are actually made of steel, coated with zinc. This was done to save the copper for the war effort. There were over a billion of these minted, so they are not rare. You can find them at most coin shows for 5-25 cents apiece in circulated condition. I , Dan

Is it hard to find a steel 1943 penny?

It's gonna be harder to find one in circulation but you can easily find one online or at a coin collector.

What are the value of all Australian Pennies?

That is too much information to put into one answer. Australian Pennies were minted from 1911 to 1964, except for 1937 and 1954. Valuations for Australian Pennies already exist on Use the format "What is the value of a 19xx Australian Penny", to find your answer on

Do you have a list of the worth of copper pennies?

I would be impossible to give a value for all copper pennies. The only pennies made of mostly copper are those made before 1983. These have a melt value of 2 cents. To find the value of an individual coin ask another question structuring it like the one below(be sure to fill in the <> with the correct information): What is the value of a <date> <country of origin> <denomination>

Are 1944 1942 copper pennies rare?

No. They were minted in the hundreds of millions. You may be confusing those dates with 1943 copper cents, which were struck in error and ARE rare. Copper was a strategic war metal needed for ammunition, so in 1943 the Mint struck cents out of zinc-coated steel. A few copper blanks left over from 1942 accidentally got mixed in with the steel blanks and were struck with the 1943 date. Genuine 1943 cents sell for tens of thousands of dollars. All known coins have been accounted for, so don't expect to find a real one in change. There are lots of counterfeits though, either steel cents that were copper-plated or 1948 cents where the 8 was altered into a 3.

Do anyone know how much a siv ler 1943 penny is worth?

The penny is made of zinc as it was during world war 2 and metals like copper, brass, and steel were in high demand for the war effort, so pennies were made with zinc. Not sure of it's worth, but they are getting very hard to find

If you have a 1943 copper penny who do you contact to find out about it?

Take it to a coin shop and there are books showing coins and their value.

What is the last year for the US silver penny?

The US never minted silver pennies. Among other things, they would have been worth more than dimes!The only ways you'll find a silver-COLOR cent are(a) someone plated an ordinary cent or(b) you have a 1943 steel penny that hasn't oxidized.

Why do you find pennies everywhere?

You find pennies everywhere because people do not like to keep them and they just throw them away.

Why don't pennies rust?

They're made of copper (before 1982) or copper-plated zinc (after 1982). Both are non-ferrous metals and so they don't rust. However, in 1943 the Mint made cents out of steel because copper was needed for the war effort. These cents did rust, which is why it's hard to find them in decent condition today.

In to kill a mockingbird what kind of pennies did the children find in the tree?

Indian Head Pennies

What are the release dates for Find the Blackmailer - 1943?

Find the Blackmailer - 1943 was released on: USA: 6 November 1943

Why are 1968 pennies are worth more than 1967 pennies?

If you are talking about US coins. They aren't. Both are worth face value unless in a mint set or completely flawless (it won't be completely flawless if you find it in your pocket change!).

How can I find pennies?

You can find pennies in old buildings, opp shops, online stores, hard rubbish or on the beach with a metal detector

What is the value of a 1964 Jamaican Halfpenny?

Since this is a very rare date for Jamaican half pennies, it is worth $380-$645 based on the condition. Congrats on your find!

Which to countries would you find the pennies and the apennies?

You cannot find the pennies and ApenniNes in the same country. The pennies are subdivision of the pound sterling, the currency of the United Kingdom. The Apennines is a mountain chain which runs through the Italian peninsula.

How much does 10 pennies weigh?

It depends if they are copper (before 1982) or zinc (after 1982). Some 1982 coins are copper and some are zinc so you'd need to weigh them to find out if they are copper or zinc. Zinc pennies weigh 2.5 grams and Copper pennies weigh 3.11 grams.