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How do you find the value of 850 1943 steel pennies?

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2007-05-27 00:55:06

The value of any coin depends on its condition, primarily, as

well as its rarity and various other factors. In the case of the

1943 steel cent, rarity isn't an issue; these coins that seem

unusual today are actually quite common. A rough estimate would be

that each coin is worth about a dollar to a collector; whether you

could actually get a dollar each, or $850 for the lot, depends on

your determination & patience, and whether someone would

actually want that many steel cents in one batch. Realistically,

unless your coins are nice uncirculated ones (and not replated) you

will never live long enough to get $1 apiece for your coins from

collectors -- more likely 5 to 10 cents apiece in circulated

condition. There were over a billion of these steel cents minted,

so they are relatively common -- easy to find at any coin show.

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