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There were over a billion pennies minted in 1943 out of steel coated with zinc. In circulated condition, they'er worth about 5 cents. What you are probably confusing this with is the rare 1943 COPPER penny. A few dozen of these were accidently made in 1943 from old copper blanks. These sell for tens of thousands of dollars. They are also highly counterfeited -- usually by copper plating a steel 1943 cent -- check with a magnet to eliminate 99% of the fakes (a real one will not stick to a magnet).

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Q: Where can you find information on 1943 zinc-coated steel pennies?
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What is the value of zinc 1943 penny?

As far as I know there were no wartime zinc pennies. The 1943 pennies were steel.

What years were steel pennies minted?


Was there a steel pennies made in 1961 that was not for circulation?

Steel pennies were only minted in 1943, however some examples of steel pennies being struck in error in 1944.

What is the nickname for 1943 pennies?

Steelies. Short for "steel cents." Copper was needed for the war, so pennies were cast out of steel.

Are all wheat pennies made of steel?

No, most wheat pennies are made of copper. Only the 1943 pennies were made from zinc coated steel. There were about 40 made from copper in 1943 and they bring up to $82,000 each!

In 1943 why were pennies made from zinc coated steel?

Copper shortage in WWII. Copper for bullets and "Zinc/steel" for pennies. Afte WWII was over the pennies went back to copper.

What Metals were used in the 1943 Wheat Pennies?

Steel-plated zinc.

How many copper pennys were made in 1943?

There are no exact records of the number of copper pennies made in 1943. It was about 40. Most pennies that year were made of steel.

Silver 1943 penny?

1943 pennies are not silver. They are zinc coated steel. Copper was saved for war effort.

How much is a 1943 platinum penny worth?

The 1943 US pennies were steel, not platinum. Their worth depends on condition.

When was the silver penny made?

The US never made silver pennies. In 1943 the US made steel pennies. These are often mistaken for silver pennies.

What is a 1941 penny worth not metalic?

Steel pennies were made in 1943 not 1941.

When were us steel pennies minted?

1943 to save copper for the war effort.

How much is 1942 and 1943 copper pennies worth?

A 1942 copper penny is worth between $0.15 and $3.00. If you have a 1943 copper penny it is worth a lot more. In 1943 because of the war and the need for copper pennies in that year were made from steel. Steel pennies from 1943 are worth around $0.30 and $2.50. If you have a real 1943 copper penny take it to a coin shop or dealer and have them check it out to see if it is real.

How can you tell the difference between a silver penny and a steel penny?

It's easy! Pennies were never made of silver. They would be worth way more than a cent. Steel pennies were made in 1943. So if you have a penny that was minted in 1943 it's not silver but rather steel.

Were 1943 pennies made of lead or steel?

1943 cents were made of steel. Lead is far too soft for use in coins, as well as being poisonous if swallowed.

What is a1943 copper penny worth?

Over a million dollars if it is genuine. However, the vast majority of "copper" 1943 pennies are simply genuine copper pennies of later dates with their date modified to read 1943 or 1943 steel pennies with a thin layer of copper.

Who is on the silver penny?

Nobody. The US never made silver pennies. In 1943 the US made steel pennies. These are often mistaken for silver. In 1943 Abraham Lincoln was on the US penny.

Were there any pennies in the 1940s made of gold?

No, but in 1943 US pennies were made from steel coated zinc. These have become a collector favorite.

What are 1943 pennies worth?

Average value of steel cents is 5 to 10 cents.

What is 1943 pennies worth?

Average value of steel cents is 3 to 5 cents

How much is a 1983 steel penny worth?

The only steel pennies were made in 1943 to save copper for the war effort.

Are 1942 steel pennies counterfeit?

The steel cent was produced in 1943, with a few minted into '44, but none were made in 1942.

What is the value of a 1943 steel penny?

There are over 1 billion steel 1943 pennies. The value of one is at most $2. In circulated condition they go for 10 to 25 cents.

Your penny is platinum colored and 1943 what is worth?

It's made of steel, as were nearly all 1943 pennies due to WWII copper shortages. Please see the Related Question for more information.