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you will need to take to a garage and they will take down the serial number and find out for u shuld not be charged for it but if you are then it shuld not be over 10 pounds

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Q: How do you find the year on a XL185S that does not have the sticker on the steering?
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When does a WV inspection sticker expire?

On the sticker,it says (Expires on month and year indicated.) The sticker expires at the end of the month during the year indicated.

Where do you find the year on your bike?

With the vin number on the steering head tube,

How do you find the size engine?

On the hood of the car, or the radiator support should be a sticker with a vacuum diagram and the year of the car. on that sticker in the top right corner it should say 3.1liter(or something else).

How do you find the year of a KX500 with only the VIN number?

on the right side of the steering tube

What year is the NY inspection sticker grey?


How do you find a Buick car production date?

The sticker on the inside of the driver side door frame will have the month and year of production

What year was Good Housekeeping Seal Serial No 2071 issued to White sewing machine?

We just a bought a sewing machine with the same sticker. Did you ever find out what year it was?

How do you find the manufactures date for a 1996 Thunderbird Its not on the inside of the door?

look under the hood on the sticker. it will say what year the car is on it also

How do you tell the month your car was manufactured?

In the drivers door jamb area you will find a sticker with information on it including the manufacture month and year.

What year is a green NJ inspection sticker?


What is the difference on a 1991 dodge diesel pickup that has a sticker on the back of the bed that says the beast from dodge from the same year model truck that does not have that sticker?

Some one bought a sticker and put it on one of the trucks.

What color is the 2012 inspection sticker in Virginia?

The year is red

Need to find year of your yz 125 Yamaha?

Look on the vin tag on the right side of the steering head tube.

Where is the power steering on a 1995 Toyota Tercel?

I looked everywhere in the engine compartment, did not find anywhere to check the level of fluid, much less where a power steering pump was! Does that year model even have one?

Is a 2003 yz 125 a green sticker?

Umm, 2 Strokes that are 2003 and newer are red sticker. 2002 and lower are green. 4 strokes (if they are "trail bikes") are usually green sticker no matter the year.

What year was power steering invented?

Power steering was invented by Francis W. Davis in 1951.

Where do you put the year sticker for your commercial vehicle?

If you are talking about the sticker for your tag put it on the tag. If you are talking about the IFTA stickers one goes on each side of the cab.

How do you fit power steering to a ford transit?

which model/year of transit? you need to find a donor vehicle of the same model with power steering. You will have to change the steering rack/box to the PAS type, and also fit the pump,brackets and pipes to your own vehicle 1999

When does a NY State inspection sticker expire?

A NYS Inspection sticker expires on the last day of the month it was punched during the year indicated on the sticker. If the sticker says "2011" and the month "June" is punched, the vehicle needs to be re-inspected on or before June 30, 2011.

Original sticker price 1990 V W westfalia?

The current year is 2008...this makes your question irrelevant. Oh yeah, I too am seeking the answer. I will get back to you when I find out ok.

What month and year was your car made?

The month and year of manufacture can usually be found on the sticker on the edge of the driver's door.

Dodge truck steering?

Year make model please & what about the steering, whats it doing or what do you want to do with it?

What color is the 2013 inspection sticker pennsylvania?

It varies depending on the month in the year.

What year was the Sands Murray bike made?

Mine is dated with a sticker 1980

How can you tell how old car engine is?

The driver's door/door jam sticker has the production month/year on it. The other ways are the owner's manual, emission sticker under the hood will give the year or the more complicated vin # decoding.