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How do you find viruses from a computer program?

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A computer virus is a small program that infects a computer without the user permission. It attaches itself to other files and quickly multiplies. It is strongly recommended that you use an antivirus program on your computer and that you keep it updated. This will prevent any infection and clean your computer if it was infected previous to the install. You are infected with a virus if: * Your computer is very slow, stops responding, restarts or shuts down by itself from time to time. * Your hard disk or the removable drives (floppy drive, CD-ROM, USB Flash) are inaccesibles or the files are corrupt. * Unusual error messages appear. In case your computer got infected, try the following: * Get an antivirus program (if you don't have one already) * Update your antivirus * Scan all your computer and delete, repair or quarantine the infected files. To keep your computer virus free: * Have an antivirus program and update it from time to time (some even update automatically) * Use a firewall. * Only download files from sources you trust. * Don't open e-mail attachments, unless you know who sent it. * For more protection you can scan your computer with online scanners provided free by some of the best companies. * Run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware * Run the anti spyware removal programs spybot and Superantispyware * Run a complete scan with free curing utility Dr.Web CureIt! * Install threat fire which will enhance your anti virus protection and protect you against unknown Trojans and spyware * Then do an Online virus scan

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What products are available on

Avg is a computer software program that protects your computer from viruses. You can scam and check for viruses with this program. You can remove any viruses with this program.

Can you get viruses from playing computer games?

You can get viruses from any type of program.

When can you get computer viruses?

Any time you are in a program.

What is self-replicating computer program?

A self replicating computer program is on that repeats itself over and over. Many computer viruses are designed to do this. For more information on computer viruses visit

What computer program is used to prevent computer viruses from infecting a computer?

Many programs today have security features built-in which are designed to stop viruses from infecting your computer. The main program that does this though is called an anti-virus program. This type of program removes viruses from your computer and sometimes attempts to stop viruses from being installed or even downloaded. There are many free programs of this type, such as AVG or Microsoft Security Essentials.

What type of computer program is Dr Web?

Dr Web is an antivirus program. It is used to perform searches on one's computer and to detect and delete viruses. It can also help to prevent one's computer for getting viruses.

Can installing the program Stylish give your computer any viruses?


What is a worm in computer viruses?

A worm is a program designed to replicate.

What term best describes viruses?

Biological viruses are pathogens that can affect either humans or animals. Computer viruses are manmade computer coding as a program intended to disrupt the normal use of a computer and networking.

How do viruses make their way into your system?

A computer virus is a computer program that can copy itself and infect a computer

How do you remove spyware from a computer?

Well you need to know what type of it. But i recommend an Antivirus software. Its a program that scans your computer regularly to find and destroy viruses, malware, and spyware.

How do you get rid of viruses on your computer?

To remove computer viruses, you can run a virus scan using antivirus software. This should find any viruses on your computer, and allow you to remove them.

A computer program that detects viruses and fixes them?

AVG Free. Google it.

What is the anti virus?

it is a downloadable program that will scan your computer for viruses and can remove them

What protects a computer against viruses?

a computer virus program like" Fire fox", will protect a computer against a virus.

A computer program designed to find viruses and repair files?

Antivirus Softwares are developed & designed to find viruses & repair affected files.avast is really good. when i was strolling around the internet, it blocked a malicous potential threat

Are all computer viruses good?

no computer viruses are good they can make your computer not do commands that you make it to Trojans in particular can disguise them selves as a helpful program and then get information from you, you should install Microsoft security

Does frostwire put viruses on your computer?

Any of these downloading progs can put viruses on your computer especially through the Gnutella P2P Program network. Very dangerous and illegal.

How do you find viruses in a computer?

we can easily find viruses in computers by scanning by differant antuviruses like norton etc.,

How did computer virus start?

A computer virus is a program that someone wrote, either maliciously or as a prank; computer viruses are a form of vandalism.

What kind of computer program can detect viruses and repair files?

The computer program that detects viruses and repairs the damaged files is called an Antivirus. The have different but advanced techniques of finding out files which are clones or those which have irregular multiplication characteristics.

What are the types of computer viruses?

There's a lot of them. Your anti virus program is the best solution to fight them. An anti virus program knows everything about computer bugs.

What computer program is designed to surreptitously enter a computer program gain unauthorized access to data or disrupt normal processing operations?

They are called viruses and worms.

Where online can one find information about computer program design?

Online, one can find information about computer program designing from Cogswell, or XSitePro. From these websites, you can find out a lot about computer program designing.

What folders could computer viruses be in?

Desktop, program files, control panel mostly.