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To find where a brake line is leaking, have a friend push the brake pedal and look for the dripping fluid. Hard brake lines are not "repairable". They must be replaced. To replace one, you must obtain from the parts store an appropriately sized steel line (nothing other than steel). Using the proper tools, it must be bent to shape and flared on the ends. Sadly, no one makes pre-fab brake lines for modern cars (affordably). If you want to tackle this project, talk to your local parts professional about the tools and measurements you'll need --before you start the job--. If you're lucky, the rubber hoses are where you'll find your leak.. simple to replace. Either way, don't forget to bleed the system of air before attempting to drive it again.

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Q: How do you find what brake line is leaking fluid and how can you repair it yourself?
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My 2000 KIA Sportage is leaking brake fluid. How do I repair this problem?

Replace the leaking part

Brake fluid leaking from front brake?

You have a serious brake problem. For your own safety have the vehicle towed to the garage of your choice for repair.

Why is brake fluid leaking from the back drum and no visible line leak 1994 caravan?

brake fluid leaking from a brake drum indicates the brake slave cylander on that wheel is leaking and needs to be replaced you will not see the actual leak with out removing the brake drum

What is the Difference between a brake cylinder leak and an axle seal leak?

It all depends on what part is leaking what fluid. Brake cylinder would leak brake fluid. Axle seal would leak gear oil.

Leaking brake fluid on a 97 Chevy silverado 4x4?

where is it leaking from?

Where would brake fluid be leaking from behind the front wheel on a Toyota Camry?

Seal in brake caliper is leaking and needs replacement Flexible brake line to the caliper is leaking and needs replacement

Where can brake fluid be leaking from on a Toyota sequoia?

Brake fluid in a Toyota Sequoia could be leaking from several places. Check the wheel cylinders first as they are a common place to leak.

What factors can cause brakes to fade or fall?

Worn brake shoes or pads. A leaking brake pipe. Low brake fluid. Air in the brake fluid pipe.

How do you repair leaking rear bell housing?

First you have to identify the fluid that is leaking then locate the source of the leak before we can tell you how to repair it.

How do you replace a section of brake line which is leaking?

It is important to replace a brake line at the first sign of leaking. A brake line is a fairly simple repair, first you must remove the old line using two wrenches on the hex bolts. Then you screw the new brake line in place using the wrenches and replace fluid.

Mazda MPV leaking yellow fluid?

If a Mazda MPV is leaking yellow fluid then it is possible that the fluid is brake fluid. It is best to take the car to a mechanic right away.

What do you do if brake fluid and clutch fluid is leaking from Honda accord?

take it to the shop to get fixed!

How do you know if brake fluid is leaking?

There would be break fluid OUTSIDE of the lines and reservoir

Why is your car leaking green fluid?

Green fluid leaking from a car is radiator fluid. "A professional certified mechanic can handle the repair or maintenance needed to fix this issue."

What do you do if you are leaking brake fluid?

I guess the only 2 options would be to either take it in for repair or keep topping up the brake fluid level in the master cylinder in the engine compartment and hope that the level doesn't drop low enough that you get air in your brake lines and loose your braking ability .

Can low brake fluid be the result of needing disc brake repair?

It could be. If you fill it and it drains quickly, then yes it needs repair. But sometimes brake fluid just lowers over time and the fluid is all that needs replacing.

What does brake warning light mean?

You might be out of brake fluid. Our rear wheel cylinder was leaking and ran ours out of fluid and the light came on.

How do you repair a clutch that has lost its pedal and leaked out fluid from in a 1997 Acrua CL 22?

It looks like you are a do it yourself person, so your going to have get a new pedal and have wearever the fluid is leaking out replaced.

Were is the brake fluid coming from if it's coming from the back left tire?

Possibly coming from a leaking brake cylinder. Top up fluid and take to a brake shop ASAP.

What happens if you put axle grease in brake fluid cylinder by accident?

You have your car towed to a repair station where they will bleed the brake fluid and grease out of the brake system, and replace them with good, clean brake fluid.

Why is brake fluid leaking from cap?

there is too much in the container If you filled the resevior with brake fluid PRIOR to replacing any of the brake linings, it will cause the fluid to "backflow" into the resevior, thus it will overflow and leak from the cap.

Have brake line leaking under the drivers side how to fix?

1988 nissan pulsar leaking brake fluid under drivers side door what is part name

Where is my brake fluid going cant seem to find a leak on 2000 Oldsmobile intrigue?

As the disk brake pads wear, the callipers will retain more brake fluid. You won't necessarily be LEAKING brake fluid, but you may be needing to examine your brakes.

Brake fluid on floor board Volvo?

chances are its a leaking brake booster or rear seal on master cyl.

Why would brake fluid be leaking from behind the front wheel on a 1996 land rover discovery?

Hub seal is leaking