How do you find what programs a website is using?

Some website do not reveal the programs that they are using. In fact any big website will not do so . Although if you still want to know that, you can inspect the element by pressing "F12" .

There is no definitive way to identify all the programs a web site is using. You can get some clues from the page name extension as to what programming language/system used, for example: - .php or .phtml = PHP (Open source) - .asp or .aspx = ASP (Microsoft) - .cfm = Cold Fusion - .jsp = Java Any language can use any extension - a web server can be instructed to process all .html files with, for example, PHP. Even an .asp file might actually contain PHP scripting, strange as that might be. On my web sites, almost all the pages are generated with PHP, even the .xml and .htm pages, and many pages have no extension even though generated with PHP. Another clue may be found at the bottom of each page - sometimes there's a link to the web site for the program. It is often helpful to examine the source HTML of the page ("view source" in most browsers). This information can often be cryptic, but sometimes the name of the generating program is clearly shown. With any of the above methods, it helps to have some prior experience. Go to sites that have web-based programs, go into the demos and look around. Also, many sites use several programs, sometimes working side-by-side, but often embedded within others. Probably the most reliable way is to e-mail the person responsible for the web site and just ask!! Most web site owners would be glad to share their experiences and would give you much insight on how they set their site up, especially if you are impressed with their site and want to set up one with similar features. Of course, be respectful if they prefer not to reveal this information for whatever reason. There is nothing particularly secret about this - no particular security breech by revealing the name of your web program - the exploit scripts would find any existing exploits within a few minutes any way - knowing the system in use doesn't make much difference, but the web site owner might have other reasons to keep the information private.