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1)Look for a wet spot where the master cylinder connects to the brake booster. In most cars, this is where the the brake fluid usually leaks. The brake fluid will eat away the paint on the brake booster. If it is wet here, the master cylinder needs replacing. When the master cylinder is removed, you'll see that it is wet (should be dry) where it was connected to the booster. 2)Check all 4 brakes and look for wet spots on the calipers & wheel cylinders. Same things apply here. Replacement might be needed. 3)Check where the brake hoses/lines connect to the brakes.

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Q: How do you find where a 1994 Cavalier is losing brake fluid and repair it?
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How do you add brake fluid to a cavalier?

The cavalier will have a brake fluid reservoir on the drivers side firewall. The reservoir has a screw on cap to allow access to add fluid.

Where to put brake fluid in Chevy Cavalier?

In a Chevy Cavalier, you put the brake fluid in the brake fluid reservoir located atop the master cylinder. You can find this under the hood, on the drivers side, near the back firewall on top.

Can low brake fluid be the result of needing disc brake repair?

It could be. If you fill it and it drains quickly, then yes it needs repair. But sometimes brake fluid just lowers over time and the fluid is all that needs replacing.

What kind of brake fluid goes in the 1992 Chevy Cavalier?


What happens if you put axle grease in brake fluid cylinder by accident?

You have your car towed to a repair station where they will bleed the brake fluid and grease out of the brake system, and replace them with good, clean brake fluid.

How do you know when you need a new master brake cylinder?

A brake master cylinder? If you are losing brakes or brake fluid.

Why is my 96 Acura TL losing brake fluid?

it probably has a leak...

Accidentally put window washer fluid in brake oil container?

Do not drive the car. Have it towed to a repair shop and have the brake fluid changed.

What type of Brake Fluid in 81 Volvo?

My Chilton Volvo repair manual ( 1970 to 1983 ) shows ( DOT 4 brake fluid )

Brake fluid leaking from front brake?

You have a serious brake problem. For your own safety have the vehicle towed to the garage of your choice for repair.

Brake fluid for a 2002 Ford Ranger?

Brake and clutch fluid type: DOT 3 heavy duty brake fluid. - Haynes Repair Manual #36071, 1993-2005 Ford Ranger Pick-ups

What type of brake fluid does a 1996 cavalier take?

Disc/drum brakes DOT 3

What type of clutch fluid required for 2002 cavalier clutch?


How do you adjust the clutch for 98 cavalier?

The clutch on a 98 cav. is hydrolic and has no adjustment. If still full of fluid "brake fluid"needs replaced.

Just changed your front and rear brakes and shoes. The brake light turns on until you put in more brake fluid. The brakes feel if they were almost touching the floor at times. What could cause this?

If you are losing fluid and the pedal is low, you have a brake fluid leak.

Do you tell if you need to bleed the brakes?

Spongy brake pedal that can be pumped up to more solid pedal Brake fluid system has been opened for repair or part replacement Spongy brake pedal that can be pumped up to more solid pedal Brake fluid system has been opened for repair or part replacement

How do you know if your brake line is leaking?

If you fill your brake fluid up (im assuming you know how to do this) then pump your brakes. Let it set for awhile then check the fluid level, if it is low then check under the car. there would be fluid somewhere down the side of the car where the brake lines run. (on the ground or the actual wires might be wet.) If you are losing fluid but have no leak then it could possibly be leaking into the firewall. case-an-point if your losing fluid you have a leak.

What type of brake fluid is used in a 1981 Volvo 240DL?

DOT ( 4 ) brake fluid , according to my Chilton Volvo ( 1970 - 83 ) repair book

Why would a 1994 Cavalier Z24 lose brake fluid and grab and pull to the right?

Look at it to see where the fluid is going. Check the LEFT FRONT brake to see if it is not working and causing the right one to do it all.

Where do you put the brake fluid in on a 1998 mercury sable?

You would add DOT-3 brake fluid to the master cylinder brake reservoir. If your not sure please stop by an auto parts store and ask for help. If you have to add brake fluid to the reservoir you need to have the brakes inspected for repair or replacement.

Where is my brake fluid located in a 1998 cavalier I can fill it?

Master cylinder reservoir, located on the firewall, drivers side.

If brake fluid is accidentally contaminated by a repair shop could the brakes fail within 5 miles of the shop?

If non brake fluid is added to the master cylinder, possibly.If non brake fluid is added to the master cylinder, possibly.

What should be done if you put brake fluid in power steering reservoir?

have a repair shop flush the system and refill with the proper fluid.

Where is PVC valve on 1998 cavalier?

it is a hose on the engine, close to the brake fluid. screw the hose off, then you can pull PVC out.

My 2000 KIA Sportage is leaking brake fluid. How do I repair this problem?

Replace the leaking part