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Check with your state's Department of Insurance to find out where and what company you should use. There might be a few or several to choose from. In addition, if an agency is licensed to do business in your state, they can do business anywhere in the state and provide services to you. However, most title agencies work in specific counties since most states' property recording takes place at the county level. You will find agency office located in close proximity to the county court house in order to access the public records. Since it is 2007, many counties now have their records available online as well. If you don't have a personal reference for a particular company, you can check the phone book for listing, call your banker to see who they use, talk to a Realtor to see who they have used in the past, etc. in order to help you make your decision of which company to use. Your state DOBI (Department of Banking and Insurance) is prohibited from giving out referrals. At best, they might be able to provide you with a list of all registered title agencies in your state. Personally, I'd just Google or BigYellow it

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Q: How do you find which company provides the title insurance for a specific address?
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