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WiFi is the wireless technology commonly use4d for find icon of WiFi on your desktop,by clicking on it you can run the internet without any modem in that particular area.

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well is your computer, if you configured the network you should know!

Put your ds near where your computer is wifi is interenet connection so find a spot near your computer that has connection.

How can I improve the wifi signal strength for my laptop computer? How can I improve the wifi signal strength for my laptop computer? How can I improve the wifi signal strength for my laptop computer? How can I improve the wifi signal strength for my laptop computer? How can I improve the wifi signal strength for my laptop computer? How can I improve the wifi signal strength for my laptop computer?

you need a router for ur computer u can find it at best buy

A wifi radio isn't something that exists. You can access Internet radio via your laptop computer, but a wifi radio can only connect to satellite staions using your connection.

Your computer is probably not connecting to the wireless signal (also known as wifi) because your wifi card is turned off, or the signal is password protected.

That means the Wifi adapter is built into the console or computer

If you can receive wifi to your psp then you can receive the same wifi signal to your computer via a wifi network receiver. You cannot connect your psp to the computer and run the internet via the hand held console.

Do you mean to connect your computer from wifi or to use your computer as a wifi hotspot? You can use CMD to create virtual network on Windows 7/8.1/10 computer. Aother way is using WiFi program such as OSToto Hotspot. Finally, you must be sure that your computer has wireless network card. If not, you need to buy a USB wireless network device!

If you have wifi you will get it automaticcaly if not just try to connect to wifi

It is usually accessible in the software that is installed on the computer you set up the router with.

Most commonly you have to go to wifi settings on the computer, find your device and find its settings. Then Adjust it there. Also make sure you are inputting the proper wifi password

Yes, you can but you have to have a special software built in the computer.

you can connect wirelessly to the computer

Your computer will have to have a built in wireless card. You can then go to a WiFi hotspot.

You can use it like a computer . It connects using Wifi.

Possibly. If you take your computer on a plane with wifi and when your airplane is in another country and the wifi works, then yes

For a netbook computer with high speed wifi you would need to upgrade your internet connection. It has little to nothing to do with your actual netbook computer.

It can connect to your WiFi network, and yes, it is a computer.

most PCs have an icon at the bottom right of the screen but MACs have it in the upper right hand corner and you just click on it and it tells you your wifi strength along with the server your using.

Go to wifi, find your home wifi and type in the password if needed.

Either buy a computer with wifi connection or buy a wireless capable component to add to your existing computer. This will allow your computer to receive wifi signals. Half the battle. In order to receive a wifi signal the wifi signal must be transmitted from somewhere. Many places such as coffeeshops or trainstations have wifi transmitters but to receive it in your home you will need a wireless router (aka a wireless hub). Usually you can plug the cable that provides your internet into the back of the wireless router (check before you buy) and after a bit of setup your computer will be able to receive the wifi signal.

Yes. You will need a computer with iTunes and it needs wifi. Have fun with your update!

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