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Try contacting the insurance commissioner in your area.

I needed to trace my N.I.N. in order to transfer my U.K. superannuation to Australia. I phoned the number quoted below (+44 191 203 7010) during UK working hours. I was advised to apply in writing; quoting full name, D.O.B, and name & address of my last two employers in U.K. to the following address:-

HMRC Centre for Non-Residents

Benton Park View



United Kingdom

I received my N.I.N. in the mail about Three weeks later. I would like to add this report to help those who have not been able to contact the right Govt. Office for their lost NIN as a Non-Resident. First I did get the run around and then finally called the office I had sent fax's to, March 2007, wrong office, wrong fax number. I then called the same office, July 2007, the person who answered the phone was very helpful, she gave me a number to call for Non-Residents. I called the number, +44 191 203 7010 and the person who answered the phone was even more helpful, he gave me this fax number +44 1912254811 and requested that I include the addresses of the last two Companies I worked for in UK and of course my DOB, this was on the 26th July 2007 and to my surprise they faxed me my NIN with all the info I might need in the future on the 31st July 2007. I sent them a letter of thanks.

Here is more input:

  • I have been trying to do the same thing. I have located an Inland Revenue National Insurance Number Trace form which is basically for Employers. I can forward a .pdf copy if you have an e-mail address. I called the contact phone number on this form and was referred to another number - 0044 1912254811, to be called after 4.30 p.m. UK time - somewhat mysterious!!. I will update you if I have success. You could also contact the IR Centre for Non-Residents 0n +44 151 210 2222. I tried this on-line, and they tend to want your NI number to locate you. I have not yet had a response.
  • I tried 0044 1912254811 (after 4.30 p.m. UK time) and eventually got to somebody who, was able to trace me in the system when I gave them my family name, initial, and date of birth. The cross check with you on who your last employer was in the UK. If you give them a current address they will mail you a letter that provides you the number. They will not send replacement NI cards overseas, but the letter should have sufficient personal details on it to provide proof the NI number belongs to you. I was toldd better contact numbers are Tel:0845 9158582 or Fax:0845 915 5036.
  • On 24/7/06 I called 0044 1912254811 around 6 pm UK time and was told to send a letter giving my full name, current address, and date of birth, to: HM Customs & Revenue, Benton Park View, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, NE99 1ZZ . I was told it would take them about 15 days to send me the number.

Further update - the best number is 0044 1912254811, after 4.30 UK time as only the evening shift deal with these enquiries. You have to write to HM Customs and Revenue, National Insurance Contributions Office, Floor BP 3001, Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE98 1ZZ with your full name, date of birth and contact address.

*** Make sure that when you leave the UK you obtain a P45 from your employer/s. Its important you retain this for any tax returns you needs to submit or simply for future reference. It will detail earnings, who you worked for and your National Insurance Number.

****Additional Info

I have tried the number 00441912254811,and it is not a fax number. However from this I learned from a very nice lady called Liz, the correct fax no. is (from Australia anyway ) 0011 44 1912254215.

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Q: How do you find your UK National Insurance Number if you have not used it in many years?
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