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If you know the name of the manufacturer and the model, you can sometimes find some more information from the serial number by contacting the manufacturer or whoever holds the company records, but usually there is little available except the year of manufacture.

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Q: How do you find your gun by serial number?
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Can you find out when a smith and Wesson gun was made by serial number?

serial number 28402

How can you look up a gun by its serial number?

You find a published list of serial numbers for the maker.

How do you find out what gun you have if you have serial number 413586 Winchester?

You cannot find out unless you provide the model number with the serial number.

How do you find make and model of gun with serial number?

Can't be done with just the serial number.

How can you look up a hand gun with the serial number?

1 - find serial number on weapon 2- find book with serial number data for weapon you have.

Can you find out what make this gun is by its serial number 742584?


How do you find out when a gun was made?

Serial number and/or features.

In Missouri find serial number to a gun registered to you?

Missouri does not have gun registration!

How can you find the age of a gun by the serial number?

Find books on the maker.

How do you find a gun bay serial number?

call the maker.

How do you find information about a gun by the serial number?


How do you find the maker of a gun with only the serial number?

by stalking him

Can you find the date a gun was made with the serial number?


What is your Winchester model 1897 serial?

To find your Winchester model 1897 serial number you need to look on the gun. You also can take it to a local gun dealer who can help find the number.

Where can serial numbers be checked on a handgun?

It depends on what you mean. If you mean is it possible to find out who purchased a handgun or if the gun is registered by the serial number, the basic answer is, no. If you mean can you find information about the gun itself by the serial number, you can sometimes find information by contacting the manufacturer.

Is it illegal to own a gun with no serial number?

Yes it is illegal to own a gun that does not have a serial number. It is also illegal to remove the serial number off a gun.

Where can you find pictures of a gun with a serial number of 465228?

Not likely unless you have a gun with this serial number and take the picture yourself. This serial number is probably on several hundred, or even thousand, different models from several manufacturers.

What gun carries the serial number 51305NYL17?

You will have to contact Browning to find out.

Where to find colt serial number on gun?

Look on the butt or the frame.

How do you find out where a gun with a serial number was made?

Try contacting the manufacturer.

Where to go to find manufactuer gun by serial number?


How can you find out how old a gun is?

Usually by looking up the serial number.

Is my gun 64774 a browning?

You will have to call Browning with the serial number to find out.

What gun has this serial number duy6685?

You will have to call S&W to find out.

How do you find the age of a gun using the serial number?

Find a book with sn's from that maker.