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Assuming there is 8 wires in existing Renault wiring iso speaker plug at back of radio, the two outer wires at each end of plug are for left rear and right rear speakers, tap into these wires i.e. strip the insulation back a couple of inches from the plug and join new speaker wires onto the stripped wires.

If only 4 wires in existing Renault wiring iso speaker plug then buy iso speaker plug from auto factor and join existing Renault wiring on speaker plug onto new cable and join new speaker cables (the ones you are fitting) onto the outside wires at each end of the new iso plug.

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Q: How do you fit the speaker cables to the head unit on a Clio?
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How do you fit 6 by 9 in a peugeot 106?

you need to start by fitting them into the parcell shelf, run the cables under the back seats and then under the carpet on the passenger side. there is a slight gap in the side of the head unit slot and behind the glove box to run the cables through. on the ISO cable from your head unit there should be 4 cables that arn't on the other side of the connection, these are your speaker outputs that you need to snip and connect to your speaker cables, making sure you connect the positive with the positive and the nagative with the negative.

Should your speakers be plugged into a head unit when using a speaker amp?


Why does your car amplifier have inputs and outputs?

It has inputs and outputs because an amplifier is a power source and has an audio signal going in to it from the head unit using audio cables(input) and then the signal goes out through the speaker wires(output).

What is a line level converter?

i am on my way to figuring this one out myself. im using this in car audio terms though. it converts the regular speaker wires, like the ones that come out of the back of a car stereo head unit, into rca cables, so you can plug them into an amp. rca cables are the ones that look like xbox or playstation video cables, except its only audio

Do you have to bypass a factory amp in a 2002 Chevy sub?

U run you own set of speaker wire from head unit to each speaker

Where is flasher unit in a Renault clio 2003?

The flasher unit is intergrated within the instrument panel

Can you change the head unit on a Mazda Rx8?

it is not practical to change the head unit on a RX8 The above answer is correct. There are many ways to make an after market head unit "fit" into the RX8, but you will probably lose the steering wheel stereo controls. You can connect aftermarket amplifiers to the stock head units speaker output and use aftermarket speakers. Get the MP3/CDROM addition for the stock CDROM head unit from a Mazda dealer.

Are all sub woofer cables universal?

The simple answer, is NO. It depends on the actual connection. From the head unit to the amplifier, it typically is an RCA cable, but if your using "Speaker level inputs" then it would be speaker wire. (with a special harness). However, if your hooking up a Subwoofer to an Amplifier, depending on the guage of wire, Yes. They are universal. Many people typically just use plain speaker wire, however, many use special "Shielded" wire for subwoofers.

How do you remove the head from the cabinet of a Behringer Ultracoustic ACX1000 guitar amp?

The speaker grill is velcroed on so pull it off. There are six srews on the top and two on the side. Then slde the head out the back of the unit.

What is the unit of head pressure?

Unit of head pressure is psi.

How much speaker wire will it cake from the head unit to back left door speaker?

Seriously? Have you provided any information about what kind of car you have? What size it is? What possible route you intend to run the wire? Go out and figure it out and measure it yourself.

Where is flasher unit in a Renault clio?

depends on year, 1991-1998, the flasher unit is underneath the fuse box, which is underneath the glove compartment

How do you change CD player unit in Renault clio?

How do you change a CD player in a Nissan micra

How to install a amp and subwoofers in a 2001 Oldsmobile aurora?

you would just install them like you would on a normal car, but I'm assuming you are using the stock head unit which doesn't have RCA outputs, so you will need to buy a line output converter to run the RCA cables from the head unit to the subs

Chevrolet Malibu 2000 rear speakers do not respond. front speakers are functioning.?

Could be a short in the factory wiring...i am having the same issue only rear function fine but i get no sound out of the fronts...I would hard wire them myself...get some speaker wire run it from the speaker to head unit, hide the wire like you would if installing an Amp...get the wiring diagram for the stock speakers and splice your new wires into the factory system as close as you can to the head unit...if it still dosent work the head unit may have some bad channels

Does a 2004 Chevy Colorado Ls have rca jacks?

No. If you are looking to install a amplifier, either install an aftermarket head unit or buy an amp that has speaker level inputs.

How do you connect a car stereo to an '88 Mercury Grand Marquis?

on mine i had a premium sound system package stock. i had to bypass the stock amp to run the head unit even though i am running it on the pre amp from the head unit. the speaker will notwork unless you bypass the the stock amp.

Where is the Throttle Position Sensor located in a 1999 24 valve cummins turbo diesel?

It is on the back side of the unit that the cables hook to on the front driver side of the engine.It is on the back side of the unit that the cables hook to on the front driver side of the engine.

How do you put a head unit into a 1994 ford explorer?

with a head Unit DRIVERRR

How do you change a car stereo in a Nissan 2000?

Disconnect the battery cables, gently pry the out the upper mast of the instrument unit. remove radio mounting screws. Pull out the unit and disconnect the power and antenna cables and remove the unit from the car. Cheers

Why wouldn't rear speakers in your car work?

There are probably many reasons but a start would be to remove the speakers and check them for connections. If the vehicle is older there could be errosion depending on the speaker placement and the type of vehicle. You could also look at the connections at the rear of the head unit or a possible break in the speaker wire going to the speakers. There could also be a head unit (cd player, tape deck, etc) problem like a "burnt" channel or wire harness problem.usually start AT the speaker and work your way forward.

How do you hook up aftermarket stereo in 1977 Lincoln?

on factory wire harnes, there are 5 speaker wires. 4 are (+). on speakers, but only one (-). when i hook up aftermarket head unit do i hook up all negative speaker wires together

Where is the location of Renault clio immobilizer unit?

left hand side of the car,under glove box

How can I hook up an amp and a sub to a stock stereo with no rca jacks without buying a new head unit?

Well if you got any old "RCA" cables what i would do is cut the end off of one and wire it to the back speakers and then you plug them in to the amp and then hook up the power supply for your amp and then connect your subs and that should work???NOTE: THE ABOVE SOLUTION WILL NOT WORK AND WILL DAMAGE YOUR AMP!!!A typical Head Unit will push between 10 and 50 watts to each speaker, while the RCA inputs on your Amplifier will only take about 3.5 watts. In Stereo World, this is called "Input Voltage." You need a device that will lower the amount of power coming out of your Head Unit, so that your amplifier can receive an acceptable amount of incoming signal. In short, DOING THE ABOVE WILL ABSOLUTELY FRY YOUR AMP.What you are looking for, friend, is commonly called a "Knockdown," or a "Step-Down-Converter."This is a device that wires directly to your Head Unit IN PLACE OF a speaker (READ: you have to sacrifice a speaker chanell to do this!), and lowers the speaker signal from the head unit to "Input Voltage" level, so as not to fry your amp (hence the term "Knockdown"). This unit will be about 3"x3"x6" and will have RCA outputs on the back of it to hook up to your amp. Find one here: Any Mom and Pop Stereo Shop should be familiar with this item, and should have some in stock, they are very commonly used in your situation, and are not new to the industry.

What unit sends power through the cables to the motherboard and other computer parts?

The PSU, Power Supply Unit