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How do you fix a 1994 Pontiac Firebird that will not start?


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2005-10-11 09:53:19
2005-10-11 09:53:19

Give more info on what you have tried.. Go to question/answer # 19 on the Firebird faq's list, "If a 95 firebird starts right up..." Maybe this will help?!


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How do yo fix a stuck driver side electric window on a 1998 pontiac firebird.

Will require more specifics, what part you want to fix in the rear brakes?

If it is broken they cannot be repaired. You need to replace it.

take battery cable off its a tempary fix but you have something behind the instrument panel blown

my grand am it turns off when it gets hot how can i fix problem

What happened to Firebirds is that they were outsold by Ford Mustangs and didn't give Pontiac a big enough market share in the segment. In other words, the bean-counters killed it. It will come back when someone comes up with a concept that they can convince Pontiac management will make money. In the mean time, check out the GTO, or the soon to be introduced Solstice to get your Pontiac "excitement" fix. Darkfriend adds: They quit making them in 2002, along with the ever popular Camaro. The Camaro has been reintroduced in 2010 and has some characteristics of both Camaro and Firebird. The Firebird will likely never make a comeback.

Figuring out what the cause of the problem is would be the place to start.

i had a 96 that had the same problem. i would rub a pencil eraser on the computer chip on the key and it would help 90% of the time.

Its Under the distributor cap and button held on by two Phillips head screws or 2 8mm bolts Very easy fix.

How to fix a gas hand on a 2001 Pontiac Bonneville

Most of the time it is the sending unit inside the fuel tank. This is a single pump. sensor assembly. Drop the tank and replace the pump and sensor.

You need to start by having it checked for codes. Then you will know what to diagnose/fix.

how to fix the light for the clock radio in a 2003 Pontiac grand am

Prices for labor vary with what part of the country you live in. Call a couple of local body shops for extimates.

i had the same problem with my flowmasters on my 71 chevy. its the baffling inside the muffler. a few good hits with a hammer will fix it.

check out this link for more information on the firebird headlight fix. Most likely, the gear inside the motor assy is broken. You can order a kit on-line that has a brass gear instead of the nylon ones that come stock. Instructions are included. I don't remember the site, but type "firebird headlight repair" in google and you can find it. I have replaced both sides on mine, and it,s not that hard. Hope this helps you out.

First of all.Whats wrong with them. Second if its a turning signal or a brake light problem Third is it reverse lights Being more specific does help get more answers

Check out this link for comprehensive information regarding the 4th generation firebird headlight fix.

Depends on the model. I have a ssa with a t-top and the 3.8l engine which they made 187 of. If you have a stock turbo, a t-top or leather interior hang onto it! Fix it up and restore it to its former glory!

how to check fuse for horn in a 1998 Pontiac sunfire

Replace Fuse Replace socket Replace element

To fix the Pontiac Sunfire if it jumped time, the timing belt has to be replaced. Then the car has to have the timing set again after the belt is replaced.

where is the fuel filter on 1996 Pontiac grand am and how to fix it.

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