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Most likely you have a vacume leak under the dash.Check for lines off or broken.They will harden and crack with excessive heat,such as in the engine compartment.

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Q: How do you fix a 1995 Chevy Corsica that will only blow heat out of the vent and not out of the defroster?
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How do you fix a 1995 Chevy truck blower that will blow on every setting but high?

Replace the high speed relay.

What is likely wrong with your 1997 Chevy s10 Blazer when all of a sudden air will only blow from the defroster at any position on the control unit?

1997 s10 4.3 Chevy blazer. what inlet does the freon go in. the one on the aluminum tank where the hose from the compressor goes into it?

How do you fix your ac to blow in the correct vents and not just the defroster?

My ac blows only in the defroster and not any of the other vents i have 98 ford windstar 3.8 v6

What would cause the vent system to only blow out the defroster?

could be a vacuum line off

What is causing the defroster fuse to blow in a 2001 Chevy Tracker?

wrong size fuse. wire from fuse to rear defrosted damaged and shorting to the body. wire at actual window shorting to body.

Milk in coolant reservoir 1995 Chevy caprice classic how do i fix this?

if its in the reservoir it should be in the radiator of it is then it has a blow head gasket or a crack head

Why would the vents in your 1999 Suburban blow air through the defroster but not through the dash?

thats because your blower went out

On a1996 corvette what causes the AC air to blow out of the defroster and floor vents for about 30 minutes before blowing out of the dash vents?

== ==

Why does your Dodge van only blow heat out the defroster?

Either you have clogged or busted vent pipe or the actuator could be going bad.

Why in 1995 Chevy lumina heat does not blow out vent?

Check for vacuum leak either under hood or under dash Check for bad vacuum actuator under dash

How do you change blower motor on Chevy G20?

how do you fix chevy 20 ac to blow in correct vents

Why would a 2004 jeep grand cherokee only blow air out of defroster not the vents?

Either you need to pen your vents or there is some vent obstruction.

What causes the front AC to blow cold air while the rear AC blows hot air on a Chevy 1995 suburban?

Most likely the rear expansion tube or valve is defective.

When was Blow Up the Outside World created?

Blow Up the Outside World was created in 1995-11.

Why would the door lock fuse blow on a 1995 ford expedition?

There is no 1995 ford Expedition!

How do you get the air in a 1996 Dodge Dakota to blow through the vents and not the defroster?

Find the vacuumline that goes from the intake to the resirvoir and from the resirvoir to the inside of the cab. It isn't connected.

Why does the air conditioner on a 2002 Crown Victoria blow out of the defroster and on the floor but not the dash vents?

I have exactly the same problem on my 2000 Still looking for the answer

Why doesnt the environmental fan in your 1994 Chevy S10 Blazer 4dr 4x4 blow air through the vents?

The controls that direct the air flow to the defroster, to the vents and to the floor are vacuum operated. You may have a vacuum leak causing your problem. Check under the hood for broken, cracked, disconnected vacuum lines.

How do you stop blow by on a 1995 dodge neon?

Blow by is caused by internal engine problems. You need a new engine.

Can you put 5.3 Chevy heads on a 350 Chevy block?

yeah, but it might blow a head gasket, i wouldn't chance it

When was the Chevy van G20 made?

air want blow out vents

What causes air to blow out the floor and defroster vents but not out the panel ac vents on a 1997 firebird?

How easy is it to replace head gasket on 1994 firebird lt1 motor

Why does your 1996 grand marquis blow smoke out of the heater vent when using the defroster?

Most likely the bad news that you did not want to hear. The heater core is leaking coolant.

What are the release dates for Martin - 1992 Blow Baby Blow 4-3?

Martin - 1992 Blow Baby Blow 4-3 was released on: USA: 23 September 1995

Chevy trailblazer 2004 Why doesn't the air blow out of the front vents when the air conditioner is on?

The air of your Chevy trailblazer 2004 blow out of the front vents when the air conditioner is on because the air condition is faulty and it needs repair.