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How do you fix a 1995 Chevy Corsica that will only blow heat out of the vent and not out of the defroster?


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2011-09-13 01:50:23
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Most likely you have a vacume leak under the dash.Check for lines off or broken.They will harden and crack with excessive heat,such as in the engine compartment.


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wrong size fuse. wire from fuse to rear defrosted damaged and shorting to the body. wire at actual window shorting to body.

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Either you have clogged or busted vent pipe or the actuator could be going bad.

Check for vacuum leak either under hood or under dash Check for bad vacuum actuator under dash

Either you need to pen your vents or there is some vent obstruction.

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Find the vacuumline that goes from the intake to the resirvoir and from the resirvoir to the inside of the cab. It isn't connected.

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Blow by is caused by internal engine problems. You need a new engine.

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The controls that direct the air flow to the defroster, to the vents and to the floor are vacuum operated. You may have a vacuum leak causing your problem. Check under the hood for broken, cracked, disconnected vacuum lines.

Most likely the bad news that you did not want to hear. The heater core is leaking coolant.

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