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I had to fix my electric door latch after an accident. (Rear-ended) The way it works is they use a electric solenoid to pull a magnet that has a lever on it. This strikes another lever, causing a spring loaded release to occur. It kind of complicated but works pretty well. If you hear a thunk sound when you push the button, but no release, you have a misalignment of the striking lever. You can probably fix it your self, by removing the opening latch in the bottom door and then the two Phillip's screws on each end of the inside panel. Work it away and then you can see the lever. Bend the lever a little to get it back into alignment , try to make sure it works, then put the door back together and you are good to go. If you push the button and hear nothing, you probably have an electrical problem. If you rear wiper also does not work, check the multiwire connector in the rear door to see if it is corroded or loose. If you have a lot of these problems, check to make sure the rear door shocks are good. An accident or a lot of door bouncing can cause this problem.

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Q: How do you fix a 1996 Jimmy rear electric hatch that will not unlock?
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