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PartialThe most likely cause is the wiring during the install. Check your wiring diagram against all of your previous work with the air bag. There are lots of sensors on new cars and the wires can be confusing.
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Q: How do you fix a 2002 Chevy Cavalier if the horn does not work after installing the air bags?
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How do you install a car stereo in a 2002 Cavalier Future Shop told me it needs to be rewired for 150 or else the air bags might deploy on top of installation?

Ignore this garbage about power locks and air bags malfunctioning that shops give you about installing an aftermarket radio. The only thing that happens when you install an aftermarket radio on 3rd generation Cavaliers is you lose the chime when the lights are on, door ajar, key in ignition. Air bags are controlled by their own module, not the radio or even the BCM.

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I believe that you must bring it to the dealer in order to reset the light I believe that you must bring it to the dealer in order to reset the light

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