Sony Playstation 3

How do you fix a PS3?

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Go to the link below and you can download a manual for $34/64 and fix it yourself. No special tools needed check it out

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Can you fix the screen on the Nintendo Or do you have to fix it?

sell it and buy a ps3

How do you fix a PS3 game console if it won't read games?

Go to were you got your ps3 and tell them your problem and ask them to fix it

How do you fix the PS3?

Take it to a shop

Does radioshack fix PS3?


Does gamestop fix ps3 controllers?

They do not fix controllers. It is the manifauturiers job.

How do you fix PS3 control when it doesn't work on your PS3?

Start my making sure it is charged and connected to the PS3 by using the cable that comes with the PS3

How do you fix slow down on the PS3?

you can try blowing in the inside of the PS3 and Then it SHouldnt be slow

How can i fix my PS3 when it doesn't play PS3 games?

The lens/laser could be broken.

Your PS3 controller wont connect with your PS3?

I dont know how to fix it so you guys are screwed

How much does it cost to fix the yellow light on a PS3?

Fixing the YLOD on the PS3 will cost $150.00.

How do you fix the yellow light on your PS3?

To fix the yellow light you can send it to sony to fix it for $150 and you will lose all your memory which isn't really recommended unless you are to lazy to take it apart. If you got to youtube and search up how to fix ylod on ps3 and there will be some videos that will show you how to take apart your ps3 step by step and what to do.

Where Can you Fix your PS3 in Ottawa?

Elite System Performance

How can you fix a PS3?

Stick Your Dick Into Disk Trey

How do you fix the ps3 8001050f error?

Buy a Slim

How do you fix dns error 80410402?

I am not connect to the ps3

How can you fix PS3?

take it in for service at a SONY shop

Which stores in Toronto fix scratched discs?


How do you fix a wireless PS3 controller?

With tools obviously!

What are the ways to fix a ps3 not reading discs?

If your PS3 is not reading inserted discs, you can fix it by restoring the system settings(it should work if your Blu-ray drive is functional).

How do I Fix your PS3 System Update Error?

shut up i already hate ps3 but you can update it again by

How do you fix a ps3 that keeps trying to eject the disk?

This happened to me too! Turned out it wasn't the ps3 it was the disk.

What do you do if your PS3 overheats?

go to someone who can fix it. my frends broke and he sent it to america to som1 to fix

How can i convert your ps2 to play PS3 games?

You can not download any quick fix to have a PS3 play PS2 games.

How do you fix ps3 lens?

You need to be a qualified service repair guy to fix it or you call one of them up.

How do you fix your ps3 if light will not turn on?

Just plug it in the socket