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Hey C==The negative cable is the ground cable. Just go to the parts store and get a new one. Make sure both cables are clean and that there is a good ground calbe between the engine and body., Don't overlook this, it is extremely important. GoodluckJoe

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Q: How do you fix a broken positive ground battery cable on a 1999 Chevy Blazer and is it an easy fix?
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What is a positive ground battery?

positive pole

Is your 1948 Ford Sedan Battery a Positive or Negative Ground?

Electrical sytem positive ground

Is red positive or negative on a battery?

red is positive on a negative ground system

What is a positive terminal on a battery?

There are 2 battery terminals. A positive or hot and a negative or ground. The positive is slightly larger than the negative.

Is the battery in an Sl500 battery positive or negative ground?

Batteries are neither positive nor negative ground. It is the circuit itself that determines the common ground. For example: If I have two circuits, one needing 6vdc negative ground and the other needing 6vdc positive ground, the battery would be installed the same way in both circuits (positive terminal on the battery to the positive connection in the circuit, regardless of whether the circuit is positive or negative ground). The reason for labeling the ground as Positive or Negative has more to do with how the circuit is wired up, than the actual voltage source. The explanation for that is beyond the scope of this answer.

Is the 1937 Oldsmobile battery positive ground?

The 1937 Oldsmobile is negative ground.

What are positive ground cars?

Cars in which the positive terminal of the battery is connected to the chassis. They require specially designed components built for positive ground cars. The usual configuration is a negative ground (the negative battery terminal connected to the car's chassis).

How do you charge a positive ground battery?

Red cable to positive, black cable to negative.

Is the battery wiring for a Massey harris 44 tractor positive or negative ground?


Is your 1996 suburban battery a positive or negative ground?

The Suburban has a negative ground system.

Does a 1961 Porsche have pos or neg battery ground?

The earth (Ground) on any car battery is negative while the live is positive.

How do you change the battery on a 1997 Chevy Blazer?

Remove the ground cable. Remove the support arms that are in the way.Remove the positive cable. Take a ratchet,a 12" extension, and a 13mm socket and remove the holdown fixture located at the bottom of the battery. Install new battery. Reverse procedure. Done.

Is the battery on a 1983 380sl a positive ground?

I doubt it but I am not 100% sure. It is unlikely in 1983 BMW was using a positive ground system. You can easily find out. Trace the negative battery cable and see where it goes. It is is attached to ground then it is a negative ground system.

When jumping a car do you connect positive one first?

Yes connect the positive first to the positive battery post, and then connect the negative ground to the engine somewhere and not to the battery.

Where does the ground wire go on a car battery?

Negative - (Black) is Ground, Positive + (Red) is Hot. Ground wire goes to Negative (Black) it goes from negative on battery to engine for ground.

Is a 1950 ford sedan battery a positive or a negative ground?

originally 6v poitive ground

Why battery positive is hot?

simple answer is ground wire is not properly installed

Which terminal of bulb does connect with battery?

Center terminal is connected to the positive from the battery. Outside is connected to ground (-).

Which wire is negative and positive on a starter?

positive goes to the battery and negitive goes to a ground clamp on the frame..

How can you test a fuel pump out of the tank?

You can test the fuel pump by touching the positive wire on the positive post of the battery. You will need to ground the ground wire.

How do you stop the battieriess from reversing polarities when the batteries are in series?

In a negative ground system, hook the vehicle ground (frame) to the negative of the first battery, positive of that battery to negative of second battery and the positive of the second battery back to vehicle positive. ( starter or starter solenoid) If you are hooking 2 12 volt batteries in series you will have 24 volts.

How do you hook the battery charger on a positive ground system?

Connect the positive clip of the charger onto the positive post of the dead battery. If the battery is located inside of a vehicle, connect the positive charger clip to a grounded surface--like an engine block--on the vehicle.

How do you keep everything set when removing battery on 2008 Chevy Malibu?

I connect a spare battery to the system with jumper wires, positive to an accessory post on the vehicle and the ground to a good engine ground. Keep in mind the vehicles positive battery cable will be hot even after the vehicles battery is removed.

How do you wire 12volt holagen light to battery?

Red is positive black is ground.

How do you hook up a 1990 ford f150 battery?

Answer Red cable (+) goes to starter solenoid and Positive side of battery Black (-) cable goes to engine ground. When disconnecting a battery always disconnect the ground cable from the battery first. When connecting a battery always connect the ground cable to the battery last.