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Take it back to the store. Depending on its carrier, ask the store or user guide infoo...

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Q: How do you fix a cellphone that got wet weeks - months ago?
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Your car sometimes stalls or has no power but the check engine light is not on?

this happen to me about 2 months ago and it was the throttle position sensor [tps].2 weeks after that it did it again and the maf [mass air flow]sensor was bad.both are easy fix's.

How long do it takes to fix a cracked screen cellphone?

If you fix a cracked screen on a cellphone yourself, it will only take about an hour. However, if you have someone do it for you, it may take a couple days to get back.

How can I repair my HTX EVO 3D cellphone?

If you go into a cellphone store, sometimes they can fix it right then and there. But if not, there are plently of websites, such as, that sell new bluetooth devices for cellphones.

If a 1996 Saturn SC1 is slowly leaking antifreeze and had a new radiator installed 18 months ago how do you fix it?

Stop leak is a temporary fix. I don't recommend it. Tighten the clamps on the hoses going into the raditor.

Maplestory worked a year ago now it doesn't work why is it like this and how can you fix it?

If you haven't played for over 1-2 months, you need to reinstall maplestory.

7 weeks ago ibought a 2004 dodge intrepid with 61000 miles and signed an as is form for 4500.oo it has been diagnosed with cracked heads and the dealer refuses to fix it do i have any rights?

If you signed and As Is form, you do not have rights to have them fix it.

How do you fix your phone if none of the buttons on your cellphone are not working?

it is easy all you do is work on the bit the bit you tipe on

How do you fix a cellphone that says searching?

You should probably call your cell-phone company.. On a different phone of course. :)

What if your gateway model SA6 wont charge and you know its not the charger how do you fix it?

How do you know its not the charger? Did you try it in another computer? If it isn't the cord or battery its the Motherboard. Happened to me 6 months ago.

My USB on my computer says that it is not reconised but I tried it a couple of months ago and it reconised it how do i fix it?

u put it in a hole............................................................... ha ha get it but seriously u go to control panel and hardware

Can you fix a tendon that was cut a long time ago?

not, I, personally.

How do you fix a mistake with a girl you made a while ago?


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