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Try an under water epoxy putty. In Australia selley have what is known as Aquaneedit this stuff is strong and sticks like sh-t to a blanket.

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Q: How do you fix a chip in the stairs of a gunite pool?
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Can a crack in the plaster of a gunite pool be repaired and if so how effective will the fix be?

I general, the answer is yes. It the crack comes from the pool moving, and the gunite has cracked, then the gunite has to be repaired before the plaster. Sometimes opening up the gunite crack and refilling with concrete will answer the problem. If movement of the soil is the problem then that has to be fixed first.The soil getting excessivly wet and dry can mean that the pool will move, if it is only part of the pool then there will be a structuaral crack. Only opening up the crack will tell you whether it is a plaster crack or a gunite crack. A replaster is from about $2000 up and structuaral repairs from about $1000

What is the best way to fix a floated gunite swimming pool that is twelve inches above the ground?

Don't know that it can be fixed. How do you level the pool???? The cost would be about the same as building the pool over again.

Should the pool construction company fix a 2 year old gunite pool that started developing cracks within the first year?

I believe the contractor should be responsible for repairs if the cracks are due to faulty workmanship such as improper soil compaction or application of gunite in cold weather etc. If the cracks were caused by a force of nature such as a flood this should be covered by homeowners insurance. In closure what was the warranty on the pool. Most reputable gunite applicators provide a warranty on the pool shell.

Why would there be brown algae on the bottom of a gunite pool and how do you get rid of it?

Algae spores float around in the air and can hit your pool at any time You can fix it by 1 shocking the pool and scrubbing the walls and floor of the pool if this doesn't clear it up just get an algaecide from your pool shop. When you vacuum the dead algae out of the pool it would be a good idea to vacuum it to waste to reduce the risk of reinfecting the pool.

How do you fix a chip on a mirror?

how do you fix a chipped mirrore

What to do if your pool starts to leak?

fix the leak. call a pool specialist if you don't know how to fix it

How can I fix my pool?

The answer would be entirely dependent on the type of pool (above ground, below ground) and the material it is built from (cement, fiberglass, etc.) and the type of defect (crack, chip, hole, stains, rust, growth, etc.)

How much does it cost to fix railing on stairs?

About 500

How can you fix an air lock in a pool filter and pump system?

You can fix the air lock in a pool filter and pump station by calling someone in to fix it for you. This way it is easier and more effective on the pool.

How do you fix high stabilizer pool water?

how do you fix high alkalinity

Big chip in the tail of your skateboard deck how can you fix it?

the only way you can fix that is if you know where the chip that came out of that place is and maybe try to krazy glue it back in other than that I'm not sure there is a way you can fix it.

How do you fix a pool if the slab of cement around the pool is sinking?

First, you need to find and fix the leak that is causing the deck to heave.

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