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If you see no visible leak and it is losing coolant, you may have a blown head gasket. Serious engine damage will occur if it is not repaired ASAP.


The previous answer is exactly correct. This happened to me on my Grand Prix and I had to replace the entire engine because they couldn't find the problem in time. This will continue to get worse and worse until it finally overheats the engine from the compression leaking into the radiator and the coolant will leak into the oil and the engine will seize up. Get it fixed now!


I just want to add, that I had a 97 Firebird Formula that would leak anti-freeze, but nobody could find leak, including me. It took a dealership 2 days to discover that the water pump had an intermittent leak and would leak out of weep hole in casting, had to be parked with pump rotated to just the right spot to see it leak. They had never seen that before. Probably head gasket, but this might help someone with similar problem.


Park in on a steep incline. Nose up. I had a leak, but it collected in the suspension. It only dripped when parked on an incline.

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Had that problem on a 97 Grand Prix. Turned out it was the water pump. The weep hole leaked onto the hot engine and would evaporate all evidence. It would not leak when parked and cooling system was not under pressure. Happened to see a little discoloration directly under pump, decided that must be it and replaced the water pump - problem was fixed.


I had a leak like this and it turned out to be the lower intake to head gasket. I have spoke to several mechanics in my area and this seems to be a common problem. The plastic ring that holds the rubber seal in place in the gasket deteriorates and allows the seal to collapse. I had an internal coolant leak for almost a month before my engine hydraulic locked (luckily while it was parked and not being driven). Changing the gasket is not incredibly difficult if you have had previous experience with working on engines. Everything is fairly accessible, but the upper plenum (black plastic portion of the intake manifold) must be separated from the lower plenum (aluminum piece). There are two bolts hidden underneath it and it cannot be removed as a whole. One thing to be careful for is not to over torque the upper plenum (black plastic upper portion of the intake) when you reinstall it, it can easily crack and lead to more coolant leaks.

I have a 1995 Grand Prix SE and this one is right on. The lower intake gaskets are plastic and junk. Make sure you have put on (or if doing yourself) metal gaskets or you will regret it. I did my own and she runs great. The metal ones are a little more $ but will last. Make sure you flush system a couple of times depending on what the oil looks like coming out of the pan and in valve train.

I have an 06 grand prix that was losing water. Only water dripping was from evaporator drain which turned out to be hot water coming from leaking heater core. Nothing leaked into the carpet area just ran out the drain.
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Q: How do you fix a coolant system leak in a 1998 grand prix SE Doesn't seem to be leaking anywhere that it is parked?
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What if coolant leaks when car is parked and radiator still has fluid where and why would it be leaking also what if you can smell it through the car while driving with out heat or AC on?

I would check the radiator coolant bottle for cracks and inspect any hoses to bottle.

You have a 1999 cougar it is runnig hot could it be that you are missing a fuse relay?

check the themostat and water pump. if not those, then check the radiator for leaks or cracks. if you notice puddles of coolant anywhere you parked, u have a big problem

Cause of coolant leak in 1970 440 roadrunner?

First, where is it leaking. If you smell coolant inside the car, the windows mist up with a "slimy" film, or the front carpet/floorboards are wet, you likely have a bad heater core-the "mini-radiator" under the dash that provides heat and defrost. Does the car leave green puddles where it is parked? It could be leaking from the radiator, hoses, or water pump-you have to look for green (or orange, depending on the type of coolant used) drops or dried residue-a healthy car should have none. If there are no drips or puddles, the car could be leaking coolant into the cylinders via a leaking head gasket. Usually this is accompanied by poor performance and white "puffing" from the tailpipe when the engine idles. Another common cause is a bad radiator cap, if the coolant bottle shows signs of cooland coming out of the overflow drain, a cap with a weak spring could be allowing coolant out of the engine when it shouldn''t. Finally, ensure the engine isn't overheating, as this can cause the overflow condition just mentioned.

Is it okay to have a car cover on your car if it is parked on a public street.. in Maine?

It is not legal to cover or obscure reflectors on a car parked on a public street anywhere in North America.

How do you know if your losing coolant?

you can smell it when you are in the car, or you can look under the car once its parked for awhile and you will see a stain on the ground.

What is causing white smoke from tailpipe in VW Pas sat while driving can you burn it off by blowing it out on a long drive?

It's coolant leaking into the cylinders. If it was parked a long time, you might be able to burn it off. If not, try tightening the head gasket down( or bad news- replace it).

Why does radiator use half a gallon a day?

If that is your only symptom (i.e.: no visible leaks under the vehicle when parked) it sounds like you may have a leaking head gasket which is allowing the coolant to leak either into the cylinder(s) or into the lubricating oil. Check your dipstick - if the oil looks foamy or milky it is leaking into the engine lubricating oil, if not it is likely going into the combustion chamber and being blown out the tailpipe as vapor. If you're losing a 1/2 gallon fo coolant a day you are losing a LOT - get it looked at ASAP.

Are there laws for cars parked on a public street leaking oil and or other fluids?

No there is currently no laws regulating a vehicle with an oil leak on a public roadway.

No oil leak on your 98 gmc 5.7 motor where is the oil going?

Did you mean the lubricant or the fuel ? May be it is leaking while you are travelling and when parked, you can't discover the location of the leaking which may be a little hole or a defective oil retainer.

How does the heater work on a 2008 Prius?

Works the same as most cars, using hot coolant. One advantage is in cold weather it warms up faster as it stores hot coolant in a insulated reservoir when parked.

What causes a 1992 Crown Victoria to drop at the back when parked?

Do you have air suspension? If so, then something is leaking. Check out Strutmasters, in the net. They have solutions 4 u.

97 acura integra ls 5sp why does my car suck up coolant abnormally fast?

What is the mileage of your vehicle? Does it leak coolant on the floor when parked? if the answer is no, consider the possibility of a leaking head gasket. a simple way to check would be opening the radiator cap with the car running, but not hot or at normal temp,but not cold either. basically you want no pressure in the cooling system during this check. if you get bubbles only with the car running,it means the head gasket is probably shot and is leaking compression into the cooling system. or if you have coolant in the oil, then the breach is from high pressure coolant passage to an oil return that is normally separated by the head gasket but is now been breached. or just try a cooling system pressure test with the engine off and the plugs out to see if coolant leaks into the combustion chamber or even if you hear hissing from the oil cap opening.

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