How do you fix a jeep window that has fallen down?


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Replace defective window regulator

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Remove the inside door panel and see what has happened. Only then will you know the problem.

If the window regulator cable has failed, the entire regulator will have to be replaced.

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I've included a link below in related links that will show you a YouTube video on How To fix the window regulator for your 99 Jeep Grand Cherokee.

You need a new window regulator assembly. About $100 at the dealer.

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A big fat needle, and some waxed string or thread.

It has seemed to be a problem. Due to the center console it is easy for the arm to rest on the switch for the rear driver side window. This causes the spring that controls the window to break. It seems as if it is off track. You just need a new window regulator. Unfortunatly it is a dealer item and unless you you goto a junkyard it's expensive.

This is extremely hard for the average person. I would suggest taking it to the nearest trim shop. GoodluckJoe

I had to take mine to a garage - the clips that the window sits on are brittle plastic, and they snap - you can get a replacement kit for around

Hold down the child lock when you press the button to raise the window.

If it's on a 99-04 Grand Cherokee you can't. You would need to buy a new window regulator.

You can try replacing the master control switch on the driver's door. If that doesn't fix it you will need a new window motor.

you need to replace the regulator. dealership is the only one that has it about $170.00

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I need more info to properly answer the question. What year, model Jeep? Is the motor working or is it just down about two to three inches and won't go up or down? Is there power at the window switch? Just Jeeps Austin, Tx

I would go to a professional mechanic to have him/her fix it. Your issue could be an assortment of things; it could be the element in the rear window, wiring, or circuitry.

If the window is stuck in the down position on a Chevy Silverado, the door panel will have to come off to access the cable mechanism and fix the window. If the windows are electric, there will also be the wiring assembly for the window to remove.

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