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There are emergence repair kits but I would suggest replacing ot for safety sake.

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Q: How do you fix a leak in a plastic auto gas tank?
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How do you get to the petrol tank to fix a leak in an XH FALCON ute is the access under the plastic tub liner?


How do you fix a leak in a gas tank?

you can buy,a tank repair kit at any auto parts store, these kits are not expensive, and easy to use if you follow the directions

How do you fix a fuel tank leak on 1992 jeep wangler?

Best bet in any fuel tank leak is to have the tank replaced

How much to fix a gas tank leak?

how much to fix a gas tank on a 93 grand cherokee?

My window washer reservior is leaking underneath in my 1998 Toyota Camry how can I fix it?

You can replace it. Or you get a plastic tank fix kit in AutoZone or Advance Auto Parts.

How do you fix a gas tank seal leak?

To fix a gas tank seal leak you must drain the gas into an empty bucket and remove the tank. Then, cover the outlet holes with putty and re-install it.

How can I fix a Gas tank leak?

Gas tank leak repair at Canadian tire or replace it,replacement is the best choice if you're keeping the car.

How to fix crack in plastic gas tank?

It depends on the type of the plastic, however it is safer to replace the tank, instead repairing it.

Gas leak somewhere above your gas tank on a 2002 Honda accord Is there any way to fix the leak without dropping the gas tank?

Look inside the car above the fuel pump for an access panel. If there is none, you will have to drop the fuel tank to fix the leak if the leak is at the fuel pump. You need to determine exactly where it is leaking.

What can you use to fix a leak in a gasoline tank?

If you want to make a quick fix on the gasoline tank, you must make a paste of soap and then cover the hole with it will work.

Hot water heater leak?

You don't say where exactly the leak is and that's very important. -If it's around a pipe or fitting it may be possible to fix. On the other hand, any leak in the body of the tank is difficult or impossible to fix. -

How do you fix a leak in lawn mower fuel tank?

There are products at your local auto parts store such as Epoxy Ribbon, JB Weld, and others that don't require heating you can use to patch the leak. Be sure and follow the directions on the package. You can't BEAT KENT'S ALL IN ONE.

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