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You can stop a leaking gas tank, by making a paste of soap on the hole of the gas tank.

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Q: How do you fix a leaking gas tank?
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What needs fix if my chevy caprice leaking fumes?

If your vehicle is leaking fumes, then your gas tank needs to be fixed.

How do you fix a cracked gas tank in a Chevrolet Cobalt 2006?

You can't. EPA and the government requires a gas tank to be replaced if it is leaking or cracked.

How do you fix a leaking gas tank on a 2000 Chevy S-10 pickup truck?

Replace it.

Gas leak somewhere above your gas tank on a 2002 Honda accord Is there any way to fix the leak without dropping the gas tank?

Look inside the car above the fuel pump for an access panel. If there is none, you will have to drop the fuel tank to fix the leak if the leak is at the fuel pump. You need to determine exactly where it is leaking.

Why is my 1990 Nissan 240sx leaking oil and gas from rear under gas tank - possible blown gasket?

Your gas tank or one of your fuel lines is most likely leaking and your rear differential is probably leaking also. Your head gasket is located in the engine which is in the front of the car, not the rear. Take it to a mechanic because you DO NOT sound mechanically inclined enough to fix anything safely.

If a 1990 Camry is leaking gas in 3 different spots what is the problemDo you need a new gas tank?

If its leaking from the gas tank directly, then yes...but it could also be leaking from the gas line or the engine or any of the connections in between.

How much to fix a gas tank leak?

how much to fix a gas tank on a 93 grand cherokee?

How do you fix a leaking gas tank in a 1988 Ford Ranger?

Replace it! Or there are places that will take your old tank (bare and dunk it in some type of teflon/rust proof coating. I'd go for the replacement.

How do you fix an airlock in a ford ranger gas tank?

How do you fix an airlock in a 2002 ford explorer gas tank.

Your 89 beretta smells like gas but isn't leaking?

leaking line or fuel tank

How much does it cost to get a fuel leak fixed?

it all depends on where its leaking from if its leaking from a hose then it could be a quick fix of 40 bucks but if its leaking from a gas tank then you might be able to empty it and clean it out and maybe put a spot of weld on it but if its too bad then you might have to spend upwards of 400 bucks or more on a new one and if its rusty then dont bother trying to fix it....

How do you fix leaking gas airsoft pistol?

If your mags are leaking get Moondog Industries gas fill O-Rings from They are extremely easy to install and cheap (fix 6 mags for 5 dollars).

How do you fix a gas tank seal leak?

To fix a gas tank seal leak you must drain the gas into an empty bucket and remove the tank. Then, cover the outlet holes with putty and re-install it.

Why would a 1996 escort smell like gas even when it is not running especially after filling the tank?

Your 1996 Escort might smell like gas when it is not running because of a damaged gas tank or damaged fuel lines. Leaking injectors or a leaking tank can also cause that smell.

How do you tell if a gas leak is from the fuel line or gas tank?

Look and see where it is leaking from.

How do you fix a baja motorsports leaking gas tank?

If you're talking about the doodlebug, some people have had luck flipping the rubber o-ring around on the fuel cap. Give that a shot.

Why does your 50cc moped fuel filter leak gas and how do you fix it?

Depends on why it is leaking. Find the leak and repair whatever is causing it. Loose connection, cracked hose, hole in tank, whatever.

How do you fix hole in gas tank?

take it to the fix place...................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................

How do you fix a gas leak on a 73 gmc jimmy?

Have you found out exactly where the gas is leaking from ? If it's from under the hood area, you may be lucky enough to replace a hose or a gasket. With that said - If it's leaking further back under the car it's most likely leaking from a gas line or the tank itself. Most times a gas leak is best fixed by a mechanic. It can get to be pretty involved - it usually involves draining the gas tank of gas, (removing it) washing it out (all to prevent a fire hazard) and filling it with air or water to find hole in order to fix it. Then it's a matter of repairing the hole. Be sure to remember the "remove it" part before filling it with water - if you don't, you'll have more problems than a gas leak.

How do you fix a gas leaking on my cavalier?

take it to a mechanic, a gas leak is nothing you want to mess with.

How do you fix a leaking gas pipe?

By calling a licensed master plumber / licensed gas fitter / Gas supplier

Why is Expansion tank on boiler is leaking at the air release valve?

It is possible that the expansion tank on a boiler could have too much water and not enough air, causing leaking. To fix this problem, the tank should be adjusted to the right levels of each.

How do you fix gas gauge stays on full in your 1997 Monte Carlo?

The fuel sensor is in the gas tank and probably needs replaced, the tank will have to come out to fix it.

How do you fix the seal on your gas gun when its leaking?

Take it to a trained technician

Can you fix the float of the gas tank through the truck of the 2002 buick lesabre?

No. The gas tank is a sealed tank below the trunk.