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How do you fix a leaking oil filter on a 1984 4100cc deVille?

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2015-07-15 21:24:11
2015-07-15 21:24:11

First U check ABOVE the filter 2 b sure the intake manifold & Valve covers aren't Leaking.. then U check 2 c if the mounting surface is flat & the threaded connector is tight & if that doesn't work U might need a new filter

If after checking above, the filter, as Marv pointed out, you find that it is indeed the filter that is leaking, replace the filter. Clean the mounting surface throughly, oil the filter gasket, and tighten the filter 3/4 turn after it touches the mounting surface. No more, no less! A leaking filter is almost always caused by incorrect installation.

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Remove the old filter. Replace it with a new filter. Before installing the new filter wipe the mounting surface clean and apply a coat of oil to the new oil filter's gasket. Spin on the filter and tighten it 3/4 turn after it makes contact with the mounting surface. No, more and no less. If you still see oil leaking from the filter then look above the filter for the leak. Possibly valve cover is leaking.

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