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you will have to take the door panel off and see what is causing it. it might be a rusted c clip holdin from locking

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โˆ™ 2006-03-08 19:55:05
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Q: How do you fix a lock on a 1985 Toyota Corolla that will open from the outside even when locked?
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The 1985 Toyota Corolla has one.

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What to do when radiator fluid leaks out in 1985 Toyota corolla?

repair the leak

Can a 1985 dipstick from a Toyota Camry be used in a 2002 Toyota Corolla?

Most likely NO. The engines are different.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1985 Toyota corolla?

under the master cylinder

How do you install a Tacho in a 1985 Toyota Corolla Manual?

Does the vehicle already have a tach?no

Where can you find a diagram for the vacuum lines on a 1985 Toyota Corolla?

Diagrams for the vacuum lines and other repair diagrams for the 1985 Toyota Corolla can be found in an automotive repair manual. This type of manual can be purchased from an automotive parts store or borrowed from some libraries.

Is a Toyota corolla 1987 rear wheel drive?

yes most of them are ******* No. Toyota went from rear to frontwheel drive in 1983 for the 1984 Model year Corolla with the exception of the XR5, which in turn went front wheel drive in 1985

Where does the transmission fluid go into an automatic transmission 1985 Toyota Corolla manual transmission?

on the transmission. and it requires gear oil

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go buy a Haynes Repair Manual for your car ($15-$20), it will walk you thru it

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i have no idea what an actual pricing of it would be. but i sold mine for 4,000 in nearly perfect condition.

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Varies from shop to shop, Ive been quoted around $900 parts and labor.

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The timing mark can be found on the front main pulley and the rear flywheel. The timing marks indicate when a certain piston is at the top of its stroke.

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on my 1985 Toyota cressida the fuel filter is on the fuel pump in the gas tank

What was the retail price of a 1985 Toyota sr5 pickup in 1985?

I paid $5,995.00 + tx, etc. when I purchased my 1985 Toyota new in Jully, 1985. I still have it, it is in Cherry condition and only has 45,000 original miles on it.

When was Toyota Carina ED created?

Toyota Carina ED was created in 1985.

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Remove the negative battery cable. Follow the posative cable down to the starter. remove the wires then the bolts holding it to the engine. Label the wires to make sure they go back where they came from.

How do you fix a car's dash vents if they do not seem to work?

My husband and I fixed ours on a 1985 Toyota corolla. There is a blower motor which was located under/ behind glove compartment, we bought a used one from a junk yard switched then and we had our vents back.

Where is the fuse box on a 1985 Toyota Tarago?

The main fuse box on a 1985 Toyota Tarago is located in the engine bay. It can be found behind the battery tray.

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my 1985 ford crown Victoria ignition has locked up! what do i do?

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The 1985 Toyota Tercel brakes are equipped with an adjustment bolt. Turn the adjustment bolt to raise or lower the brake shoe.

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were do I start