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Reman or used engine. You can rebuild the lower end of the engine, but it seems like an engine that has cancer. That is, shortly after doing the lower end, the upper starts with problems. Just from what I have seen. Would appreciate any info anyone else has.

The best bet is usually a used engine for cost effectivness and down time concerns. Not much rebuilding happening at the dealership level, even for warranty repairs.

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Q: How do you fix a rod knock?
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How do you fix rod knock?

The reason for rod knock is there is play where the connecting rod Jonie's piston. Or play where the rod connects to crankshaft. this usually results from a constant lack of engine oil. this is when wear between rod and piston, and/or rod and crankshaft will occure. the only way to permanently fix is to machine the rod that is worn, basically taking apart most of the engine. try using a high viscosity oil with an additive. this will fill in the wear , and maybe you will be OK.

What does it mean when an engine has a tick?

a lot of times its your timing belt, if its more of a knock its could be a rod knock

When a rod bearing is going out on a 1999 Saturn with 62000 miles that has been taken care of with regular oil changes is it cheaper to fix or replace the engine?

A rod bearing is any easy fix just takes a little time. The part is only $7 for a new rod bearing . I wold say fix it yourself or find someone to help you who is handy with mechanical stuff!!! good luck I just changed mine. BEWARE OF THE KNOCK!!!

What causes my Jeep engine to knock?

And engine knock is normally caused but I worn crankshaft bearing or rod bearing.

Engine knocking sound in 84 Chevy?

light slapping knock is a piston knock a loud heavy repetitive knock is a connecting rod Very Bad

Why would an engine suddenly knock very loud and then stall out?

A loud knock is usually associated with a rod bearing. The rod connects the crankshaft to the piston. If a rod bearing went out, possibly from an oil pump going bad, it would stall out the motor.

What is a bearing knock?

A bearing knock, or a rod knock develops when the bearings between the rod and crankshaft wear, leaving a gap, allowing the crankshaft to slap the connecting rod. The knock develops slow for a few miles but once the rod starts to knock then the gap increases because the metal in the rod and the crankshaft get destroyed and deteriorated. As the gap increases the knock gets worse, and as the gap increases the knock and the damage will rapidly get worse. Within a short while the connecting rod will break open and get stuck between the crank and the engine block, possibly cracking the block and destroying the crankshaft. The engine is now inoperable :< To prevent the rod knock, let your engine warm for a minute or so before driving to ensure the engine oil has been pumped throughout the engine, and get regular oil changes, because a thin film of oil is all that separates these engine parts, and dirty oil will be squeezed between the metal parts, increasing the rate of erosion. .

Why does your engine knock when you step on the gas?

Probably a bad rod bearing

What could cause a 1995 Subaru Impreza to knock when it is first started for a second and then seem fine it almost sounds like its coming from up in the head area and not a rod knock?

Fine it almost sounds like its coming from up in the head area and not a rod knock? OMG

Knock knock who there witch witch who?

Two answers to this joke. Knock, Knock! Who's there? Witch. Witch who? Witch one of you can fix my broomstick? Knock, Knock! Who's there? Witch. Witch who? Witch one of you will give me some Halloween candy?

What is knocking sound from PT Cruiser engine?

Could be several things depending on how hard of a knock it is. Rod bearing, stuck piston ring, cracked piston, low oil and lifters chattering, fuel injector stuck. Any knock is usually serious and almost always expensive to fix.

Is engine knocking always a bad sing or is there a fix?

Knockimg is not good but can be caused by a lot of differant things Lifters ,rod or main bearings, valves or push rods and engine timing can make an engine knock Some are a quick fix while others are more involved

What do you hear when your outer tie rod ends are worn?

It could knock or squeak.

How do you know when a rod bearing is gone?

The engine will have a distinct "Knock" while running.

What could cause an engine knock in a ford ranger with a 4.0 engine if it doesnt have a knock sensor?

Not much info to go on..but I guessing that it MAY be a rod bearing...That is known as "Fixing to throw a rod" which is VERY bad. You MAY be able to fix it by dropping the oil pan but the crankshaft or rod MAY have to be replaced if it has been going on for a while. If you drop the oil pan see if the rod(connected to the crankshaft) has any play in it. There should not be any up and down and very little side to side. Which is called "End Play" The crankshaft journals HAVE to be smooth.

What is a rod bearing knock?

bearing on crankshaft worn or damaged, caused by lack of oil. start engine if it will and pull plug wires off one at a time and you'll find out wich one. do not rev up engine too high. do not sell car to a friend. motor has to come out and extensive repair on lower end required. if you do not know what a rod bearing knock is then it is not a do it yourself fix. major repair.

Can a thrown rod fix itself?

If that really is what happened - no.

How can you fix endangered forests?

knock em down and start again

Is there any way to fix a customized curtain rod?

A good way to fix a broken customized rod would be with electrical conduit. It is easy to use and most customized rods have a basic inside rod that can be matched with electrical conduit.

How do you fix a tie rod on 1995 Dodge Intrepid?

This is an excellent article on how to replace the inner tie rod bushings, which are a common problem.

Why does your 93 Cadillac DeVille knock when the engine is accelerating?

If it is more of a ping than a knock then just try running some higher octane fuel in it. If is more of a knock it could be a rod or crankshaft bearing. If it is definitely a knock you should get it looked at right away.

Wanting to buy a 97 s-10 zr2 has engine knocking and supposedly rod bearing went bad does it even have rod bearing and what could cause the knocking if it does have rod bearing is it expensive to fix?

Yes, it does have rod bearings and yes it would be expensive to fix. If that engine truly has a rod knock it will probably be in need of a complete overhaul. A 1997 vehicle probably is not worth doing a engine rebuild. However if the vehicle is in fair to good shape, having a good used engine installed would be the way to go. You can call your local auto wrecking yard for a price, it should be at least half of the cost of a rebuild.

How do you fix tire rod for 1997 Honda Civic?

You don't fix it, you just replace it. After replacing it get an alinement.

What would cause your 5.3 vortec to knock?

A spun--Bad rod bearing. NO OIL PRESSURE.

Why does your car make a knocking sound when you drive?

Could be a rod knock. Your bearings slipping in the engine.