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How do you fix a rod knock?


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2015-07-15 21:14:02
2015-07-15 21:14:02

Reman or used engine. You can rebuild the lower end of the engine, but it seems like an engine that has cancer. That is, shortly after doing the lower end, the upper starts with problems. Just from what I have seen. Would appreciate any info anyone else has.

The best bet is usually a used engine for cost effectivness and down time concerns. Not much rebuilding happening at the dealership level, even for warranty repairs.


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The reason for rod knock is there is play where the connecting rod Jonie's piston. Or play where the rod connects to crankshaft. this usually results from a constant lack of engine oil. this is when wear between rod and piston, and/or rod and crankshaft will occure. the only way to permanently fix is to machine the rod that is worn, basically taking apart most of the engine. try using a high viscosity oil with an additive. this will fill in the wear , and maybe you will be OK.

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a lot of times its your timing belt, if its more of a knock its could be a rod knock

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A rod bearing is any easy fix just takes a little time. The part is only $7 for a new rod bearing . I wold say fix it yourself or find someone to help you who is handy with mechanical stuff!!! good luck I just changed mine. BEWARE OF THE KNOCK!!!

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And engine knock is normally caused but I worn crankshaft bearing or rod bearing.

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light slapping knock is a piston knock a loud heavy repetitive knock is a connecting rod Very Bad

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