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sounds like plastic gear parts up in the roof. The nylon parts get wore easily since they are in the roof and subject to extreme temps. If any of that mechanism fails then your sunroof will stop working even if the motor is still good. The fix will be to remove the headliner to get at the mechanism and then identify the culprit and replace it. The dealer will have the lil gear thing and it will be cheap. Good luck !!! I just finished this: took out headliner-parts-belts, etc.. The little plastic relay was clicking but it did not make sense motor was burnt out. I tested relay with meter and crossed the leads. The roof motor started to hum. I fiddled a minute and off it went. Running like a top. I think it was winter corrosion built up. BOTTOM LINE: fiddle with the relay first, then attempt the motor removal.

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How do you clean sunroof drain holes ford escape?

A bottle brush is perfect for cleaning sunroof drain holes on the Ford Escape. The smaller tip on a two-tip bottle brush can be inserted and then pulled out to clean sunroof drain holes.

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If a sunroof gets stuck open, getting it closed can be hard. It can be pulled shut if a person can get a grip on the sunroof. Fixing the wiring or fuse problem would help remedy the problem,

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Is it possible to purchase a fuel pump strainer seperately for a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee limited v8?

I dont think so, But if it is out there, then Napa will have it. I pulled one off very carefully and cleaned it then put it back on. It is not a hard one to do Good Luck!

What fuse powers the sun roof on your 1995 jeep limited?

Sunroof has a 30 amp circuit breaker, position number 26 in the fuse box on the far passenger side of the dash. This circuit breaker also powers the power windows. The circuit breaker can be pulled out and replaced just like a regular fuse.

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pull out fuses one by one and the sun roof after each one is pulled out. its called process of elimination you moron

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How do you loosen the fan belt on a Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited?

Use a prybar to release the belt tensioner. This will allow you to slip it off. To install, you may need to remove a bolt from the alternator. That is one way to do it but not on my 1992 Cherokee Limited 4.0 HO. The power steering pump was actually the the tensioner pulley. You have to loosen the base then loosen the adjusting bolt under the pump. Prybar and removing bolt from alternator would not work. In a 94 GCL I used a 10mm(?) socket on the tensioner pully and pulled right. Slack was immediate. No need for removing anything except the belt.

2001 jeep grand Cherokee and you pulled a ABS code 10- valve power feed failure What does this mean and how do you fix it?

Check 2 fuses

Where is the fuel pump on 91 jeep Cherokee?

If it's like my 92, it's the gas tank; the tank has to be dropped, the pump and gas guagecregulator pulled and replaced.

How can you repair a leaking sunroof on a 1994 Saturn Sl2?

I pulled my hair out on this when it happened to me, I replaced the gasket, poured draino in the gutter and finally wound up taking it to the shop where they used an air gun to blow out the gutter drains. Look at the bottom of your car about 2 inches in from the door you will see what is called the pinch weld for the uni-body. This pinch weld is where the sunroof gutters drain to, 4 total, one on each corner of the sunroof. If one of these is damaged you will have to straighten it out as best you can to allow the water to drain properly. Good luck

Your 2007 jeep grand Cherokee tailgate light keeps flashing even though the tailgate is closed?

You need to get a new light system, before you get pulled over.

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How do you remove weather stripping in a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

around my passengerside window, i just pulled really hard and it popped off. now i just gotta get it back on somehow

How do you install a sunroof kit on a 92 4 door civic?

Every car should be pretty much the same to put a sunroof "kit" in i put an electric sunroof in my Grandprix and i was only seventeen at the time with no body work experience but if u get a kit from there a little spendy but there easy to put in i would've liked it a little bigger but could not find anywhere that had electric any bigger. You just get the template line it up on the roof perfect i mean take as much time to line it up as u can u dont get another shot as soon as u make that first cut. when u get it on there take a permanent marker and trace it out then cut on the inside edge of your marker mark. Take your headliner out of the car and make the cut we had a roof support in ours and we just cut a little away so it would fit. then u put ur liner back up after the hole is cut and go from the top and trace out the hole and take the headliner back out and cut the headliner out then stick your sunroof in and ours had screws that pulled the two pieces of the sunroof together the bottom of the sunroof to the top of the sunroof and it works like a clamp with foam inside to keep water out. and ours sealed very nicely. after u get the sunroof in put the headliner back in and then theres a third piece to the sunroof that is the finishing piece and it has a lip to it and u just snap that up

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What is the cause of a constant tone or alarm that is similar to constant seat belt alarm after starting and driving a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd?

It is a short in the onboard computer display. I pulled out the tone generator located under the dash to the left of the steering wheel. It is purple. Pulled it out and no more annoying tone.

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