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We can use the windows feature called SFC(system file checker)
you need the windows CD
#insert the cd
#start the computer in safe mode with command prompt
#to get in to safe mode with command prompt you should keep tapping F8 key after you turn on the computer it will show u the advanced windows optoins, where you need to select safe mode with command prompt,
#when u get the cmd.exe
#type sfc /scannow
#thats it, it will check for corrupted files and repair that

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Why is the response of the immune system to a vaccine specific?

Because the immune system attack the dead virus so the next time the virus come into the body thebimmune systek reconize it and attack the virus

What is human immunodefiency virus HIV?

HIV virus attack to ammune system

How does a Trojan horse virus attack a system?

they attack aquires when the document is open

How does a macro virus attack a system?

An attack occurs when an infected document is open.

What type of organism does the influenza virus attack?

respiratory system

Does the rabies virus attack the digestive system only?

No. Rabies attacks the nervous system.

What cell does the west nile virus attack?

Central neverous system

How does west Nile virus attack the central nervous system?


How does the rabies virus attack and spread?

first it spreads to your nervous system. then it multiplies.

Can HIV infect the nervous system?

HIV does not infect the nervous system but affects it. Since HIV suppresses the immune system, pathogens can attack the nervous system. The virus does not directly attack the nerves.

What does the AIDS virus attack?

The HIV virus attacks the immune system, specifically cells called T-helper or CD4 cells.

What does the HIV virus attack in the human body?

The HIV virus attacks the immune system. Specifically it affects Helper T-cells.

What cells that make antibodies or attack virus?

White blood cells. From the immune system.

What cell did dengue fever attack?

The virus attacks the cardiovascular system not certain cells.

In what place does virus attack first?

i think the virus first attack the Mexico .

Can virus attack redtacton technology?

no..because it is completly based on body signals...

Is Trojan virus harm to display?

No, viruses cannot attack a display/monitor. They have no real operating system.

What is the reason why virus won't attack unix?

Any malware may not attack a given system if it is targetted to a specific system. Unix systems are vulnerable to viruses and malware just as other systems are.

Is virus a system software or application software?

no because a virus con kill your computer

Why virus does not affect Mac computers?

Computer viruses do attack Mac computers. The biggest difference is that there are so many more Windows computers that most computer criminals write their virus to attack the Windows operating system.

Would an albino animal survive if it were kept in a zoo?

Yes they would because they are under specific conditions that will not sunburn them or bring them to virus/diseases to attack their not as efficient immune system

Why isn't virus in the taxonomic system?

The virus isn't in the taxonomic system because there is an ongoing debate between many people on whether or not the virus is actually living or not, due to the fact that the virus has to rely on a host to reproduce.

Why are HIV treatments ineffective?

Because the HIV virus is an adapted form of the AIDS virus. The AIDS virus and the HIV virus are both difficult to treat because they first lower the immune system by destorying important cells in the body such as white blood cells and phagocytes, making it more diffcult to battle the virus and they both have an extremely high mutation rate, making it difficult for your white blood cells to create anti-bodies intime before the virus' antigen markers have changed. In laymen's terms, the virus changes too quickly for your immune system to try and cure you of it.

What are the problems face when surfing the internet?

virus attack, system hang, unwanted sites link, spam mails

What part of the body does chickenpox virus attack?

It attacks the nervous system. It is a disease of the ends of the nerve cells that are in the skin.