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The grill below the windshield, right behind the hood, covers the wiper assembly. You'll have to figure out if the linkage broke or just came loose. Pull the grill and turn on the wipers. You should be able to see what ISN'T working. From your description, it's not the wiper motor, it's probably the shaft that drives the wiper arm. You will probably need to go to a dealer if you want a NEW one, but something like that seldom goes bad so you might want to consider a wrecking yard. It should be the same wiper assembly for suburbans and pickups. there are two types of windshield wipers that i have seen. 1. one motor and two motors. if one motor is controling both blade assemblies look for a rod that connects the two assemblies and one side of the rod may be disconnected. 2. Two motor- each motor controls each assembly for the windshield wiper. on this type look for 2 things a. look and listen for the motor on the working wiper and go immediately to the non working wiper and listen for the same noise if you hear the same noise then at the base of the wiper assembly (the rounded bottom of the wiper arm assembly) there is a gear that the motor fits into. this is probably stripper. Goto any auto parts store, most will show you how to take off the wiper assembly arm and turn on the wiper again. if you see the gear moving then tell the auto parts person you need the arm assembly that you or that person is now holding if the gear is not moving then you need the wiper motor and you should keep the assembly that you are holding. good luck

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Q: How do you fix a wiper when one wiper works and the other one doesn't It broke wiping heavy snow on a 1994 suburban?
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