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Sorry, you can't. led's are not light bulbs, ergo they have no filiment. They seldom fail. You can test the device, by unsoldering one end so it is isolated from circuitry, Then use a volt-ohm-meter on a high scale for ohms. place the leads from the meter (one lead on one end, the other on the other led lead. It is just a diode and should conduct in one direction only. if you get an open on the first try, reverse the meter leads and if the ratio is > 20 to 1 after reversing the leads, the LED is good, and you either have a voltage bias problem or a bad soldier connection. So the diode only conducts in one direction, if it doesn't conduct in either direction the led has an open junction, and is bad. If it conducts in both directions it has shorted junction. remember to keep your fingers off the leads because you are a high resistance impedance, and will give a false reading. Leds have a MTTF of about 20 years depending on the on/off time and current drawn when biased on. sorry MTTF= mean time to failure.

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Q: How do you fix an LED display on a GE clock radio?
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How do you fix a clock radio light in a 2003 Pontiac grand am?

how to fix the light for the clock radio in a 2003 Pontiac grand am

How do you fix LED light for station selector and clock in 1990 Ford F-150 pickup Radio wtape player works perfect except the small window for station and clock display does not light up?

It's probably a bad connection. If you feel up to it, you could take the radio apart and re-seat the ribon cable that feeds the display assembly. Remove the radio, take the top plate off and you can replace the bulb for the display.

Astra 1998 - Why would the LED clock date and temperature display stop working and how do you fix it?

i would check your fuses

How do you fix your Ford radio display says TELE?

How do you fix a ford radio that des plays tele

How do you fix the display on the radio of a 1999 Mercury Mountaineer?

Take it to the radio shop.

How do you fix a blank display on an infiniti j30 radio?

have radio replaced or repaired

How do you fix the display radio light for a 2002 Nissan altima?

you dont. it is self contained within the radio there are no bulbs to replace. radio replacement with a aftermarket radio is a cheaper solution the rediculos cost of a new factory radio or to have a electronics repair place fix the display

Mercedes 1998 C230 Car stereo with no LED display works fine but no numbers on screen?

what about it//how do you get the radio numerals to show up on the display. on my car it is not clear and i can't tell what station is on playing. how do you fix this//

How do you fix H2 Hummer radio display light when radio works?

put peanut butter in it

2001 Olds Intrigue - How can I fix the odometer and radio display that no longer work?

The best way to fix a radio and odometer display that doesn't work is to check the fuses. When you replace the bad fuse then the lights should work in your dash.

How do you fix the LCD on Pontiac Transport radio?

hello, well in fact the problem is not the lcd, the problem is the led the is back the lcd you have to get out the radio , quit the case and replace the led.

How do you fix the radio that works --but with no lighted display--on a 1993 Mercury Topaz?

If it is working what needs to be fixed? Assume, the lack of display. Not sure but I think the radio has two separate fuses, one for the radio one for it's display, check the fuses I have had similar problem but not sure if it was with my Topaz

How do you fix when the radio display screen is not working but the Radio itself is on Pontiac Sunfire 1997 and is there a fuse for that display screen?

the light in the display is probly burnt out. if you take the radio out you can take the top off it and the light is right at the display. you can take it out with a screwdriver. sometimes the light is just loose and will still work but if you need a new one you can get it at hope that will help you out.

How do you fix 2005 mercury montego radio display?

If the display is not on when you turn the ignition on. First you check the fuses. radio memory is usually run with the courtesy light fuse. The main radio fuse is marked radio. Second you pull the radio out and test the power leads to the radio. If you have no power then there may be a short in a wire. If there is power on the power leads then the radio must be replaced.

How do you fix an LED display on a Alpine radio?

Remove faceplate. underneath will be a pin sized hole for a pin or paperclip to be inserted. This will RESET the unit. also, use a pencil reaser to clean the contacts on the backside of the faceplate. Good Luck.

How do you fix your radio clock on your 2001 dodge caravan it is a blank LCD screen and the radio stays on one station with no adjusting the volume or station or on off button?

The radio has failed and needs replaced.

How do you fix the radio and heater display to work in a 2004 Honda?

there is no fix for this except to buy a new audio unit from the dealer. unless you still have a factory warranty then it will be replaced at no charge to you. this is a common problem with accords with that type of radio.

How do you get a 96 ford explorer Eddie Bauer radio to illuminate?

the led panel is burnt out you can either take it to a radio repair shop or buy a used radio you can't fix it

How do you fix the radio display on your vectra 2001 LS cant see all the numbers and letters?

You probably have led's failing,a complete display replacement is the only real solution.

Your LED clocklight display on your 1997 van went out how do you fix that?

don't be shy, take your radio apart. pull bulb out and rewire a new bulb in. You will have to get the smallest bulb you can find at a automotive store. The bulb has 2 wires coming from the bottom which you will have to feed into socket of the one in your radio. Did this to my own and works great!

Pontiac sunfire 98 radio and kilometer light problem you can only see your electronic kilometer with a flash light same with your radio clock you've check all the fuses and they are all good?

The backlight on the radio i have seen as a common problem in all cars with same radio including firebird anniversaty edition (seems like it should be made better) went out in mine too i just put in an aftermarket stereo ==Danged radios!== I replaced my Delco radio for the exact same reason. The time/station display died. Also, the plastic coating on the control buttons was damaged. I found a replacement radio on Ebay for about $35 US. The Kilometer light problem is probably not related to the radio. I'd suspect a bad bulb, unless it's an LED type display. If so, it could become more complicated to fix.

How do you fix the antique garden clock on smeet?

You need to fix all the flower beds first. Then you can click on the garden clock to fix it.

Why does the clock light stay on on 96 Corsica?

Disconnecting the battery for at least fifteen minutes may turn the clock light off. Pulling the fuses in the radio consoleÊis another fix to try for a clock light that stays on in a 96 Corsica.

Your Clock Radio Dial in 1997 Pontiac Sunfire wont stay on have to hit it then it comes on how to you fix this problem?

Hitting it is not going to fix it - that will only make matters worse. A possible problem is a loose connection inside the radio or in the dash. Remove the radio and check all its wiring and the connecting wiring that leads to the radio. You'll need an Ohmeter.

Do radio shack fix earphones?

DOES Radio shack fix earphones? hardly.