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How do you fix an antifreeze leak on a 1998 Nissan Maxima?


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2015-07-15 18:56:48
2015-07-15 18:56:48

Hey Kathy==Since it came all of a sudden I would say a hose broke. You just have to find out which hose and replace it, GoodluckJoe

Anti-freeze leak may also mean that the water pump needs to be replaced. [ Have a reliable mechanic determine the cause of the problem. ]


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look for antifreeze coming out of the radiator as the engine warms up after a cold start.

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Pressure test system to determine where leak orginates to determine fix

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A small radiator leak can cause antifreeze to leak on your 1998 Chevy Lumina when there are not any spots on the ground. A pinhole in a hose can also cause this.

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More likely to be an air leak than a sensor problem. Check your vacuum and air intake lines for leaks.

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