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Hey Kathy==Since it came all of a sudden I would say a hose broke. You just have to find out which hose and replace it, GoodluckJoe

Anti-freeze leak may also mean that the water pump needs to be replaced. [ Have a reliable mechanic determine the cause of the problem. ]

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Q: How do you fix an antifreeze leak on a 1998 Nissan Maxima?
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How can you tell if antifreeze leak under hood of 2001 Nissan maxima is coming from radiator?

look for antifreeze coming out of the radiator as the engine warms up after a cold start.

What is the cause of antifreeze leak on 1999 Nissan altima?

cracked hoses

How do you fix an antifreeze leak in a 97 Nissan Sentra?

Pressure test system to determine where leak orginates to determine fix

What is causing the antifreeze to leaking your 1998 Chevy lumina when there are not any spots on the ground?

A small radiator leak can cause antifreeze to leak on your 1998 Chevy Lumina when there are not any spots on the ground. A pinhole in a hose can also cause this.

What will cause a 2000 dodge stratus motor to smell like antifreeze when you have drove it a few miles?

An antifreeze leak.An antifreeze leak.

What sensor would it be that cause car to die when put into gear 1998 Nissan maxima?

More likely to be an air leak than a sensor problem. Check your vacuum and air intake lines for leaks.

Why does 95 Nissan maxima stalls every time you stop?

check your vacuum hoses, they could be loose or they could have a leak

Why do you have to constantly fill the antifreeze in your 1994 Nissan Quest?

you may have a loose seal or a pinhole leak i would get it checked out asap

What causes antifreeze to all leak out?

A leak.

Can a 2004 Nissan Maxima engine catch on fire by a coolant leak ignited by the exhaust manifold?

Yes glycol (used in anitfreeze) is flammable

Why would a 1998 Ford F-150 leak water either mixed with antifreeze or oil coming out of the ac condensation hose and the cab smells like antifreeze?

your heater core has got a leak and needs to be replaced

Where would a 1995 Nissan Maxima leak coolant?

Mine is leaking around the seals right at the top of the radiator. There is coolant present in a radius in that area

What will make a car shake at idle?

This can mean a few things, my mate has the same problem with his Nissan maxima have it checked for a vacuum leak or a cracked valve.

What does it mean when antifreeze is leaking under a truck?

you got an antifreeze leak

Why the does the antifreeze reservoir keep losing antifreeze?

Sounds like a leak.

Why would you leak transmission fluid after hitting curb in your 2002 Nissan maxima?

Either hitting the curb caused the leak, or the leak was already there and the impact from the curb aggravated it. Either way, it's really irrelevant - you have a transmission leak, and that needs to be repaired if you want to continue using that vehicle.

If the fog lights on a 1998 Nissan Maxima SE always burn out what could be causing this?

when you replace the fog light, DO NOT touch the new bulb. that's why it burns out quickly. that or thr assembly has a small leak, and water is getting inside the fog light assembly.

If there is an antifreeze leak would it stop leaking antifreeze and then leak water?

No. they're dissolved in each other and are quite hard to seperate.

How do you stop a antifreeze leak on a 1998 Chevrolet deasel truck?

if it is leaking from the radiator you can crack an egg and put it in the radiator and it will solve your problem

How do you stop an antifreeze leak in a 1998 Dodge Neon?

Needs Clarification!That depends where the leak is. Can you tell where it was comming from? close to the oil blockI would recommend using BARSLEAKS liquid Aluminum it plugged up mine I have a 1998 ply. Neon

My 1998 Durango is blowing white smoke out the vents and moisture on the windows but it is not antifreeze can anyone tell me why?

in my experience it is a slight leak in heater core it will be antifreeze causing this replace heater core and problem will be fixed

How to fix an Antifreeze leak in 1987 Buick leSabre?

depends where the leak is, and how bad it is.

How do you fix antifreeze leak on a 92 Buick Roadmaster?

antifreeze leaking into the oil pan

How can you find out if you have an antifreeze leak?

Pressure test the cooling system Monitor antifreeze level

Antifreeze leak in 99 Jeep?

Antifreeze leak in a 1999 Jeep may be as a result of a defective water pump or a cracked engine block.Antifreeze leak in your 1999 Jeep could be as a result of a radiator fluid leak, a cracked engine block, a defective water pump, or any other reason.