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How do you fix bank 1 and 2 if they are too lean and the codes and come up with P0171 and P0174?


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2008-04-01 01:35:33

I have tried everything, but I am coming to the conclusion that I have a bad pcv letting in too much air. The concensus of how to fix it seems to be to clean the MAF with some electical cleaner or brake cleaner. Basically, you are getting too much air into the throttle body after the MAF or a dirty MAF. both banks running lean indicates a vacuum leak....i had a similar problem with a customers vehicle and i found a vacuum leak at the rear of the intake manifold.....it was a cracked hose. _ caprice nut


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These are all powertrain codes (hence the P) and my guess is that maybe your idle air control valve is the problem. You say it is running fine but do you notice a drop in idle for a second when you come to a complete stop at say a red light? Also you are showing lean fuel ratios so have you noticed an increase in MPG or just lack of performance from the line? I would check the IACV and then if it looks good reset codes and give it a few days. If engine light comes on again then definitely have it looked at to prevent something costly down the road. That light merely means that the computer has sensed something out of range and as long as you are not blowing smoke or running rough then you have time to figure it out. Do your research though before spending a lot of money chasing parts that you may not need.

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