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The motors can be rebuilt very easily. There are three nylon cylinders that replace the old ones for $9.99. I get mine from Blue Oval Corral in Clearwater Florida. Remove the old motor and open the case and you will notice that the old cylinders are chewed up and floating around in the grease. Remove the old pieces and insert the new ones. This is difficult the first time you do it but gets easier. I have rebuilt all the window motors in 8 different Mustang Convertibles that I have owned including my current one which is a 1994. You must remove the back seat, trim panel, Mach 460 Sub wooferbox( if so equipped) and this will give you access to the window motor. You will save yourself over $200.00 in parts and labor if you are able to do this on your own. Directons are available at some websites that include light bar installation information on how to get the rear seat out and remove the speaker box.

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Q: How do you fix broken rear power windows in a 1994 Ford Mustang?
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