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It's quite easy to do IF you can find spare bulbs. the dash hood is simple to remove. It's clipped on along the edge nearest the windscreen and should lift without difficulty. Underneath this there's a plastic protective sheet and beneath that is the circuit board. the dashboard lights are small bulbs which are attached in housings here. You simply remove them by twisting them 90 degrees and replace with a new bulb. (The bulb casing is hexagonal and you cannot fit a circular one into the same hole, so check that your replacement is exactly the same as the one you removed)

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Q: How do you fix dashboard lights on a Volkswagen T25?
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How do you i fix my interior dashboard lights 202 e 320?

how to fix interior dashboard lights for mt 2002 e320 Mercedes

How do you get your dashboard lights For a 95 Chevy Astro Minivan The dashboard lights are out can you help with advice on how to fix this?

Do parking and taillights work? If not check fuse--common circuit

How can you fix the dash port lights and the shift stick lights?

Dashboard lights and stick shift lights are fixable by changing blown fuses and replacing them with new fuses. Many automobiles have several fuses that operate the dashboard and stick shift lights.

What do you need to fix dashboard lights on 2005 Monte Carlo?

look for a blown fuse.

How do you fix tail lights dashboard lights not working 2001 prizm?

check cigarette lighter for metal debris then change fuse.

How can i fix the Dash light?

First you have locate the knob or the dial controls. This is what brightens the lights on your dashboard. Then you need to check the fuse that controls the dashboard lights. Most of the time the fuse needs a simple replacement.

How do you fix the dashboard lights on a 1987 Nissan 300ZX?

Until you say what is wrong, I recommend using a sledge hammer.

How do you fix the dashboard lights on a 04 Nissan sentra?

check the dimmer switch.loose connections often mess this up.

How do you fix the dashboard lights if it is not the fuse on a 1987 Pontiac Grand Am?

Most of the dashes have printed circuits and they can get cracks or loose grounds.

How do I replace the dashboard lights on my 1998 Mercury Mountaineer?

The first thing to do is check your fuses. It may be a very simple fix.

How do you find the fuse to fix the light for the license plate on a 2000 volkswagen jetta?

Shoukld be the fuse for parking/tail, and dash lights

How do you fix a 1988 Oldsmobile cutlass supreme dashboard lights that want stay on?

Replace headlight switch- dimming rheostat may be loose

1989 Chevy truck dashboard lights do not work how do you fix it?

Be sure that the dash light dimmer control is not turned off and check the fuses.

Dash cluster is not working on your 91 ford probe any ideas how to fix it?

The most common reason for all of your dashboard cluster lights to go out is a blown fuse. Change the dashboard cluster light fuse.

Your internal and tail lights are not working how do you fix them?

Locate fusebox under dashboard. Check owners manual for location and fuse number. Replace fuse.

How do you fix the dashboard lights failing on a 2000 cevy impala?

Replace bulbs? Check dimmer rheostat for open circuit Check fuse for parking/tailights

Is there a fuse or bulb that will fix dashboard lights that are out on a 2006 dodge charger?

yes look in your owners manual for the instrument and taillights fuse and it will show you where it's located.

Pontiac 200 grand am SE the tail lights work for the brake turn and reverse but do not come on when the lights are turned on for night driving and the dashboard is out. How can I fix this?

Sounds like a blown fuse. Quick, cheap and easy fix. If not the fuses are fine then it may be a bad headlight switch.

Where is the relay for hazards and blinkers located in 1998 Hyundai Accent They faded in and out for a few days then stopped working you had bulbs replaced and no change?

The hazard and blinker lights are located behind the dashboard tray. To fix the fuse, you unfortunately had to take the dashboard out.

How do you fix dashboard lights for a Toyota corrolla?

Check to see if parking/tailights work same circuit Check bulbs Check rheostat that controls dimming feature

On your 1996 camaro your rear lights stay on even when you put the knob in the off position How can you fix this?

Check your brake switch under the dashboard above the brake pedal

Honda Odyssey have lost all power on the dashboard and lights how do you fix this?

Most often this requires a battery change. However, it may also be caused by wiring problems.

How do you fix the dashboard lights on a 1995 Chrysler LeBaron?


Why does your dashboard and parking lights not work but your headlights and brake lights work?

Sounds like a blown fuse in the dash, no biggie, just take it in and it should be a quick fix Wiring harness has come loose, blown bulbs, or bad wire.

What kind of car is Jacob trying to fix up?

He is trying to fix up a Volkswagen Rabbit.